A Cosmetic Brand With a Strong Scence of Care

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scence Natural Skincare is a company that wants its customers to feel a sense of self-care. At the same time, they don’t want that self-care to come at the expense of the planet. It’s a two-part problem that the brand has worked overtime to address — and not just satisfactorily. For co-owners Krista Taylor and Mel Stiles, solutions that are barely enough are never enough.

"Do not compromise," Taylor exhorts her customers and, really, anyone who uses cosmetics, "You can care for your skin and care for your world."

That uncompromising quality lies at the heart of everything that Scence Natural Skincare does. This starts with the efficacy of the products themselves. "We won’t stop until we make a product that actually works," Taylor explains, adding that "we refuse to create something with a focus on profits. Our products are always developed with end results and user-experience in mind."

This has set the tone for an award-winning line of cosmetics and skincare items that genuinely gets the job done. From deodorants to face, hand, body, and lip balms, the company’s formulas have received rave reviews as effective skincare tools.

But the Scence Natural Skincare team doesn’t stop there. Along with their highly effective products, the company also goes to great pains to ensure that they aren’t impacting the environment throughout their business processes.

All Scence Natural Skincare products are meticulously handmade in the company’s eco-friendly "seaside lab" located in beautiful Falmouth, Cornwall in the U.K. The packaging is all plastic-free and uses specially designed hard-hammered paper tubes and tubs. These can be recycled or even composted. Even their wrap labels are printed with environmentally-friendly vegetable inks and can be composted, as well.

In addition to manufacturing, the company is a Plant One certified partner. It uses this relationship to help it function as a carbon-positive operation.

Taylor sums all of these efforts up by declaring that "Scence provides an accessible, eco-friendly skincare range for people looking to make a better choice for their skin and for the planet." Both she and her partner are proud of the organization that they’ve created.

From day one, Scence Natural Skincare has held true to its pioneering vision to operate as "the future of skincare." The results speak for themselves as countless customers have tapped into the empowering, sustainable self-care solutions that the brand has to offer.

About Scence Skincare: Scence Natural Skincare is based in Cornwall in the U.K. and was launched in 2018 by sisters Mel and Krista. From its inception, Scence Skincare has maintained an ambitious strategy to provide high-quality, handmade, natural skincare products to a growing audience of customers "who care about the planet and what they put on their skin." Learn more about Scence Skincare at scence.co.uk.

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