A Southern California Company is Reinventing the Hair Loss Industry with a Powerful, Cutting Edge, Drug-Free Approach Which has Never Been Achieved Before

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "There has been no significant advance in the hair industry since the discovery that a certain prostate medication in the ’70s helped thinning hair… till now," says Mahryah Shain, CEO of More Hair Naturally Inc.

More Hair Naturally is changing the way people battle thinning hair.

Launched back in 2016 in Southern California,  More Hair Naturally set out to discover a solution to thinning hair that didn’t involve drugs or harmful side effects, yet was more powerful than any drug product on the market. "The science was there, but it only lived in medical journals and research studies, not in a product that could be used outside a lab setting," says CEO, Mahryah Shain.

Science has come a long way since the 1970’s when the most common products for hair loss, still used today, were introduced to the market. All were drugs.

Determined to create all natural products made locally in California, using the newest scientific advances in the field of thinning hair, the More Hair Naturally team set out on a three-year journey scouring medical journals and talking to research scientists from around the world to discover the most powerful, natural solution to thinning hair ever made.

From this search they release their flagship product in 2016, More Hair Naturally 9. This new innovative treatment uses a very specific combination of powerful stem cells, probiotics, peptide complexes and amino acids (all quickly and topically applied) to fight thinning hair in a way that has never been done before.

With this release, More Hair Naturally was the first company to introduce the topical application to stem cells to fight thinning hair.

"We knew what we had was good but we had no idea how good it really was! After a few years on the market and 1000’s of new clients later, our expectations have far exceeded what we thought was possible in the thinning hair industry" says Shain.

All-natural and custom formulated in small batches in Southern California, USA, there have NEVER been products for thinning hair like these on the market.

Because of the regenerative science of the stem cells used in More Hair Naturally products, there is now an approach to thinning hair that has no drugs, no side effects and no lifetime usage.

"Finally, people don’t have to risk side effects to help promote hair growth," says Shain.

Learn more about More Hair Naturally 9: https://morehairnaturally.com/pages/more-hair-naturally-9-stem-cells-for-hair-loss

Mahryah Shain


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