Arizona Entrepreneurs Launch Successfully During Pandemic

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Retirement did not take for two Scottsdale entrepreneurs. Determined that their vision of making pharmaceutical-grade, gender neutral skincare would come to life despite a worldwide pandemic, they launched in May selling their CBD-infused line directly to consumers.

“We were just too far into it when COVID-19 hit. Quitting was never an option for us,” says co-founder Sharon Skaar. “There were so many things going on and you ask yourself ‘how can you launch a new skincare brand in the middle of such uncertainty and still maintain corporate responsibility to your community?’ The only reason it made sense for us was that we believe our brand is a game-changer in the industry.”

Five factors make TreCeuticals unique among competitors:

1.  All TreCeuticals skincare products are infused with full spectrum cannabidiol, (CBD) the non-hallucinogenic oil derived from hemp plants.

2.  Packaging, ingredients, and manufacturing are all sourced in the United States.

3.  Products are sold directly to consumers.

4.  No prescription is needed for TreCeuticals’ skincare, which includes pharmaceutical grade retinol, hydroxy acids, and antioxidants.

5.  TreCeuticals is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.

“Everything in the product is responsibly sourced, cruelty-free, and vegan. It’s based on combining proven science with nature,” Skaar said. “With the addition of full-spectrum CBD oil, we’re the only pharmaceutical grade skincare line infusing CBD into all our products.”

TreCeuticals takes a simple three-step approach to skincare: Cleanse and moisturize in the mornings. At night, cleanse, then treat the skin with the Every Day But Sunday TreActives pad, and if needed add moisturizer before bed. Anytime a little more hydration is needed, a spritzer, Mist Me Baby! is available to replenish and moisturize as needed. Once a week, a stronger, deeper treatment with the Sunday Peel Weekly TreActives pad enhances the routine.

“At TreCeuticals we are seeking to disrupt the old way of approaching skincare. Good skin should be easy; we know because we made it that way,” Skaar says. “Three steps, three minutes a day and three active ingredients enhanced with CBD. The Power of Three.”

Skaar, whose background is in corporate banking and finance, led the team in creating the product formulas and developing the business plan. Co-founder Erin Dodd put her career in luxury sales to work developing a distribution plan that focuses on products arriving directly at consumers’ doors.

Dodd also spearheads the “share force,” called Brand Advocates who earn a commission for “sharing” TreCeuticals directly to friends and family. Dodd said “creating a way for people to earn extra income is vitally important right now. Equally important is being a company that gives back to our community.”

What the entrepreneurs could not predict nor plan for was the pandemic.

“The biggest challenge has been the supply chain. Sourcing all of our packaging in the U.S. is important to us.” Skaar said. “That’s been one of our biggest challenges and it remains a challenge. Everything now takes longer than it did pre-pandemic.”

Over the next five years, the founders predict that more and more skincare companies will begin adding CBD to products, given the many therapeutic benefits attributed to cannabidiol. Multiple studies about CBD show promise in easing the symptoms of anxiety, stress, insomnia, arthritis, minor muscle aches and pains, and more.

“CBD is a powerful soothing and calming antioxidant. It helps to reduce the appearance of negative results due to oxidative stress such as redness, fine lines and uneven texture and tone,” Skaar said. “Industry predictions are that CBD skincare will be a $3.5 billion-a-year business by 2026.”

The TreCeuticals’ concept was born in November 2019. Six months later, their products were in the hands of consumers who are praising the results. “From the first application I was impressed with the hydration and the simplicity of using this skincare,” said Karen Graham, whose job outdoors make skincare more challenging. “Truly remarkable.”

TreCeuticals is also being praised for treating “maskne,” acne caused by the prolonged wearing of facial protection. Scottsdale-based facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Holden recommends TreCeuticals products to keep skin clean, healthy and acne-free.     

With everyone having to wear a mask for hours at work or in public, its no surprise more doctors are seeing patients with skin problems,” said Holden, renowned board-certified head and neck surgeon and specialty-trained facial plastic surgeon. “These breakouts and pimples are caused by bacteria and contaminants inside the fabric of your mask, constantly touching and rubbing your unclean face.  All those factors combine with the moist environment under the mask, so your pores are bound to get clogged and inflamed.”

A recent article in Forbes suggests CBD may be effective in battling acne because early research shows the oil may help reduce the production of sebum, which causes clogged pores and results in acne. Additional studies indicate CBD also may be effective in treating eczema and psoriasis.

TreCeuticals is the first-ever complete luxe skincare brand to take pharmaceutical grade anti-aging ingredients infused with the highest quality organic full spectrum CBD oil and put them into every product. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based skincare company ships directly to customers eliminating a trip to the doctor’s office. All ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing are U.S.-based, and the company is Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free. For more information on products, brand advocate or affiliate marketing programs, please visit

Tess Dumlao

SOURCE TreCeuticals

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