Arrive Market Welcomes KANA Skincare to Its Curated, High-Quality CBD Marketplace

LOS ANGELES, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arrive Market, a new online marketplace for high-quality, lab-tested cannabidiol (CBD) products, brings on KANA Skincare, an innovative company that creates clean, high-performance skincare products harnessing the power of K-Beauty, aromatherapy, and CBD to bring tangible results to consumers. KANA joins a short list of highly curated beauty brands, hand selected by Arrive Market’s team of CBD experts and enthusiasts who evaluate each brand based on ingredient integrity, CBD quality and use occasion.

“We started Arrive Market to establish a curated selection of brands to help consumers easily discover the highest-quality, lab-tested CBD products on the market,” said Emily Lee, co-founder and Director of Marketing for Arrive Market. “Our mission is to demystify the CBD space, making it easy for anyone interested in CBD to easily find high-quality options based on their personal needs. For someone who has never tried CBD before it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. KANA Skincare’s award-winning, spa-grade, clean beauty line is a perfect entry point for those looking to add the benefits of CBD to their skincare routines. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the Arrive marketplace knowing their standards for premium ingredients, quality and efficacy align perfectly with our values.”

KANA joins Arrive Market’s growing list of CBD brands with a focus on safe ingredients, clean labels and uncompromised quality, including Dogwood Botanicals, Juna, Luna Volta, Nu Bloom Botanicals, Plant People, Rhythm, Sagely Naturals, The Good Patch, and Vybes. Arrive Market requires all brands to provide third-party lab results for each product to ensure quality and authenticity.

“When we were looking for a new partner to grow the KANA Skincare brand, Arrive Market was the clear choice,” said Janice Buu, founder of KANA Skincare. “With their careful vetting process, professionalism, and overall mission to bring the best CBD products to consumers, we knew we were in good hands. We’re excited to be part of their carefully curated list of lab-tested CBD brands, and look forward to welcoming new customers to the KANA Skincare family through our partnership with Arrive Market.” 

KANA’s offerings on Arrive Market include its best-selling products, EGF Active Botanical Essence, Lavender Sleeping Mask, LIT Premium Facial Oil, and Purple Rice Sleeping Mask. To shop the products, visit www.Arrive.Market.

Arrive Market is a highly curated space for consumers looking for an approachable way to discover trustworthy CBD products across a variety of product formats to fit into any lifestyle.

About Arrive Market

‘Arrive Market is a newly launched online CBD marketplace for high-quality, lab-tested products, transforming the wellness shopping experience for consumers. Aiming to be a curated space for total wellness, it features highly-vetted brands offering unique formats of CBD products from beverages to capsules to skincare, and functional applications like calm, sleep and beauty. To learn more about Arrive Market and to shop the products, visit Arrive.Market, or follow the company on Instagram (@Arrive.Market) or Facebook (@ShopArriveMarket) for updates.

About KANA Skincare
KANA Skincare is an innovative collection of clean, high-performance skincare products that empower and inspire you to be your most confident self. Their visionary ideas and award winning, spa grade formulations using aromatherapy and CBD K-beauty puts them at the forefront of the beauty industry. Every skin-loving formula introduces nutritive superfoods for holistic beauty and wellness while honoring the beauty in every skin. Kana Skincare bridges beauty and wellness together with a skin-first commitment, allowing the skin to show up as its best natural self while making no compromises on quality, cruelty-free practices, and clean formulations.

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