bareLUXE Releases Comprehensive Market Research Uncovering Barriers in Refillable Personal Care Products Adoption

WINNIPEG, MB, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — bareLUXE, an innovative brand in the sustainable skincare market, today releases a comprehensive market research study. This study provides insights into the paradoxes and obstacles that hinder the widespread adoption of refillable personal care products, despite increasing consumer awareness and interest in sustainable practices.

The research reveals a distinct disconnect in consumer beliefs and behaviours. While 79.3% of respondents view sustainability as important when making purchasing decisions, only 23.4% currently use refillable skincare products; however, serums, lotions, and other personal care products were less than 5% and perfume refills <1%. The remainder were makeup (i.e., refillable eye shadow palettes). 

The study identifies multiple contributing factors to this paradox, including consumers’ difficulty finding available options (50.6%), non-availability from their preferred brands (36.8%), concerns about product contamination and spillage (31%), and skepticism about the actual sustainability of refills (17%).

Moreover, the research sheds light on potential incentives that could increase consumer adoption of refillable skincare products. Although 4% of those surveyed stated that they were unlikely to be convinced, a significant number expressed their requirements for a shift to refillable products: substantial proof of impact (34%), competitive pricing (34%), or the introduction of refillable options by their favoured brands (43%).

bareLUXE also surveyed skincare brands. Of the brands that responded, only one currently offers refillable products. The rest cited concerns about logistics, contamination, and high costs as barriers to implementation.

Both brands and consumers agreed that in-store refilling of large containers represents the most sustainable choice. Yet, the practicalities of this method make it the most complicated option to implement without significant collaboration between brands and retailers. 

“The study confirms the paradoxes surrounding the adoption of refillable personal care products, which are both complex and interconnected,” states Dr. Heather Smith, Founder and CEO of bareLUXE Skincare. “There’s a clear need for more transparency, collaboration, and shared understanding between brands, retailers, and consumers. Releasing this data is just one step towards answering some questions.”

“To truly make a difference, we need unity in our objectives and consistency in our efforts,” added Dr. Smith. “There will always be competition and consumerism, but until there is some coordination and cooperation, we will never see meaningful, impactful change.”

By sharing this market research, bareLUXE hopes to encourage a more cooperative approach across the skincare industry, enabling the sector to overcome these challenges and facilitate wider consumer adoption of sustainable practices.

The full article, providing further insights and data to guide the industry towards a greener future, is now available on the bareLUXE company website.

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bareLUXE is an emerging player in the sustainable skincare market, aiming to redefine industry norms by championing environmentally-friendly practices. Committed to research, development, and transparency, bareLUXE strives to shape a sustainable future, offering high-quality skincare products while highlighting the challenges of achieving sustainability within the industry.

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