‘Beauty Sponge Sachet®’ Fights Bacterial Super-Bug Spread and Needless Pollution with Patented New System for Essential Cosmetic-Sponge Packaging, Washing and Maintenance

MONTEPULCIANO, Italy, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. of Health Education, Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali announced she had been granted a utility patent by the USPTO for her innovative product and packaging system, being sold under the trademark Beauty Sponge Sachet® (https://www.beautyspongesachet.us/). Each Beauty Sponge Sachet® is a complete packaging, storage, cleaning and maintenance system that is manufactured from an antimicrobial coated, air-mesh fabric. Each sachet contains four premium-quality beauty sponges. The mesh fabric inhibits the growth and spread of bacterial and fungal pathogens, while also allowing the sachet containing the sponges to be washed as a single unit in a machine cycle before a thorough drying in a typical laundry dryer. The Beauty Sponge Sachet® protects and maintains cosmetic sponges without wasteful plastic packaging, or losing time and money.

Beauty Sponge Sachet: The Mission and the Solution

As a Black-owned sole-proprietorship, Beauty Sponge Sachet® is committed to eliminating single-use plastic packaging associated with the packaging of cosmetic sponges and simplifying the maintenance of cosmetic sponges. A recent study illustrated the danger of using cosmetic products like makeup sponges without cleaning them regularly, as they almost always harbor large colonies of bacteria and fungi, representing a potential health threat. Up to 90% of sponges tested were contaminated with bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and a shocking 96% of all sponges tested were fungal laden. Until now, there has been no way to keep cosmetic sponges clean other than washing each makeup sponge separately and storing them in a plastic or silicone protective case, which does not address water and time wasted, or the environmental hazard of plastic packaging.

“I am very happy to have been granted this patent, as it is the expression of my commitment to a circular economy,” said Dr. Duncan-Carnesciali. “The system is easy to incorporate because it is efficient. A woman’s make-up bag isn’t typically the most hygienic environment. Research has revealed ‘…that deadly superbugs lurk in more than nine in ten make-up bags.’ In the current public health climate, makeup bag hygiene is critical. A simple Google search reveals that many health-conscious consumers are already asking questions like: ‘how do I clean my beauty blender?’ Furthermore, microbiologist Dr. Amreen Bashir stated, ‘More needs to be done to educate consumers and the makeup industry as a whole about the need to wash beauty blenders and dry them thoroughly.’ The Beauty Sponge Sachet® helps solve this problem in an attractive, environmental, and marketable way.”  

Beauty Sponge Sachet® is currently open to collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers who wish to become part of a burgeoning sustainable-packaging revolution. Go online to view product offerings as well as the latest product information and innovations. Follow Beauty Sponge Sachet® on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

About Beauty Sponge Sachet®

Founded in 2017 by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali, Ed.D. The Beauty Sponge Sachet® offers the next evolution for the packaging, washing and storing of cosmetic sponges. A compact and complete cosmetics-sponge maintenance system, the patented Beauty Sponge Sachet® is constructed from an antimicrobial air-mesh fabric, and contains four high-quality beauty sponges. Eco and water-conservation friendly, the Beauty Sponge Sachet® saves time, water and money, while also addressing the health of the planet. Learn more at: www.BeautySpongeSachet.us.

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