Benigna Parfums Introduces The Royal Essence Collection

Recreates the masterpiece for its Royal Essence Collection bottle cap, inspired by British Imperial State Crown worth over $100 million.

MIAMI, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Benigna Parfums releases a collection of seven fragrances: The Royal Essence Collection- Supreme Majesty, Extravagant, Ancient Wisdom, Greatness, Worthiness, Splendor Grandeur and Royal Bouquet. These fragrances will transport you to royalty and create an unmatched mystic aura of opulence.

"The Royal Essence Collection," includes seven different scents inspired and created after royal kingdoms that date back thousands of years ago – the royal kingdoms/families that have ruled United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Qatar, Morocco, and of course, Britain. Now Benigna is taking this heritage and history into the current day by creating perfumes that honor each royal legacy.

The mission of this royal collection is to empower every user with a regal splendor and a feeling of opulence. There is a positive force of nature within each of the fragrances that has a heart and soul, embodying a royal story, creating a feeling of majesty and greatness, just as their names. 

The names of the perfumes in the collection represent qualities or descriptions of the aforementioned historic kingdoms, More on the significance of the seven names of the collection can be seen on our official website:

The bond that The Royal Essence Collection has with Royalty is further enhanced by Benigna Parfums royal essence collection bottle cap’s design. Evoking the very symbol that represents the monarchs who ruled the British Empire. Benigna Parfums, in the design of Royal Collection’s bottle cap, brings to light the historical pieces of the British Imperial State Crown and its spiritual significance. Dating back to the fifteenth century when English monarchs chose a crown design closed by arches to demonstrate that England was not subject to any other earthly power, the idea of the imperial crown was born. The Imperial State Crown was originally made for King George VI in 1937 off a pattern from a crown made in 1838 for Queen Victoria’s coronation and later used for the coronation of Edward VII. ¬†Imperial State Crown was used on HM Queen Elizabeth II coronation. Taking inspiration from this very crown, the bottle cap of each of the Royal Essence Collection embodies the official Imperial State Crown, consisting the precision ruby and emerald, both part of the British Imperial State Crown.

To learn more about Benigna Parfums @benignaparfums. The Royal Essence Collection is now available for pre-order exclusively via

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