Blendily Selects Women Led Design Firm Open Studio Collective to Design Their Seattle Botanic Kitchen Location

SEATTLE, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After an extensive regional search, Blendily has selected architecture and design firm Open Studio Collective for the design of their Seattle botanic kitchen. The firm is one of the few in the field to be owned and run by women.

A 2017 survey conducted by Dezeen Architecture and Design Magazine revealed that only three of the world’s leading architecture firms were headed by women and only two had management teams that were more than 50 percent female. According to a "Women in Architecture" study in 2020 by the American Institute of Architects, only 17 percent of registered architects were women.

For Blendily founder Ivy Chuang, it was important to select a firm headed up by women: "Female empowerment is a core value at Blendily, so it is fitting for us to align with and give opportunity to female designers. With every iteration of our concept, I see an opportunity to give a female designer a platform."

Blendily’s flapship botanic kitchen in Portland, Oregon was a collaboration with Environmental Designer, Emily Steen.

Several new stores are in the works. Each will have its own version of the Blendily brand. Open Studio Collective’s designers will transform the Seattle space into a warm, welcoming environment showcasing Blendily’s botanic creations. Construction is expected to be conducted this Summer, looking forward to a grand opening in the Fall.

About Blendily: Blendily operates botanic kitchens where bioregional medicinal plants are blended with exotic botanicals to create a spectrum of cosmetic grooming products for selfcare head-to-toe. Blendily’s botanic kitchens operate just like ‘farm-to-table’ restaurants, taking inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and seasonal offerings. Blendily offers a full range of skincare, bath & bodycare, hair care, mama & baby care, and herbal remedies.

About Open Studio Collective: Open Studio Collective is a woman-owned, anti-disciplinary design studio featuring women in leadership roles. The team consists of architectural, interior, and graphic designers. They create inspiring experiences through collaboration, respect of individual talent, and the belief that any idea can lead to a meaningful piece of work.

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Ivy Chuang

SOURCE Blendily