Blendily Successfully Raises $15K Towards Building a Second Botanic Kitchen in Seattle, Washington

SEATTLE, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blendily has successfully raised fifteen thousand dollars to support the build-out of their second botanic kitchen in Seattle, Washington.

This was the company’s first crowdfunding campaign and was conducted on Mainvest, a platform that enables small businesses to raise capital from the general public and issue returns in a revenue share agreement. Founder Ivy Chuang is feeling grateful and excited for the momentum the funds give the company.

"I had first heard of regulation crowdfunding in the Summer of 2019. Our team spent quite some time researching the various platforms to conduct the campaign. We chose Mainvest because Blendily is an early-stage, pre-seed company. It felt like a good choice to issue a revenue share agreement instead of equity at this juncture. It’s amazing that small businesses are able to raise this type of alternative capital directly from the public!"

Chuang is enthusiastic about becoming a Mainvest investor herself!

"After I saw & read the stories of all these small businesses raising funds all over the U.S., I felt a camaraderie to all the other founders also working to build their dream businesses in their communities. I invested in 4 companies this past month! A french restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, a coffee shop in Phoenix, AZ, a tea bar in Chicago, IL, and a botanic kitchen in Seattle, WA."

Blendily will be building out their second location at: 2206 NW Market Ave. Seattle, WA 98107 in 2022.

About Blendily: Blendily operates botanic kitchens where bioregional medicinal plants are blended with exotic botanicals to create a spectrum of cosmetic grooming products for selfcare head-to-toe. Blendily’s botanic kitchens operate just like ‘farm-to-table’ restaurants, taking inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and seasonal offerings. Blendily offers a full range of skincare, bath & bodycare, hair care, mama & baby care, and herbal remedies.

About Mainvest: Mainvest is a platform for building communities and the American Dream. At Mainvest, people can directly invest in businesses they want to see in their own neighborhoods, generating both potential ROI (return on investment) and ROC (return on community).

PR Contact:
Ivy Chuang

SOURCE Blendily