Blue Bear 99 Disrupts Cleaning Supplies Space With its Antibacterial Wipes

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Bear Protection is pleased to announce that its popular Blue Bear 99 antibacterial hand-cleaning wipe quickly emerges as a familiar name on Amazon. A manufacturer of protective and cleaning supplies, Blue Bear Protection’s mission is to create high-quality products by removing middlemen and directly passing those savings to its customers. The company’s hand wipes are available in canisters and soft packs containing 15 to 500 wipes.

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"At Blue Bear 99, we are obsessed with everything that makes everyday tasks a little easier. Blue Bear 99 disrupts the Lysol and Clorox niche by bringing an improved product to a forgotten category. These wipes are of high quality, a great value and our unparalleled distribution network makes sure our customers don’t run out" said a company spokesperson.

The antibacterial wipes from Blue Bear 99 are alcohol-free, easy to dispense and come with a moisture-locking top. These wipes clean quickly and effectively and are gentle on even sensitive skin. The product has received FDA approval to eliminate a wide range of bacteria without using soap and water. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products. 

"I am a pediatric occupational therapist, and I ordered these wipes to quickly clean children’s hands before using putty, playdoh, and other shared sensory items, without having to disrupt the child by leaving the workspace. They are great, allowing me to quickly clean their hands. They have a very light, fresh scent, which is great because antibacterial products often have a heavy antiseptic or alcohol smell that many young clients cannot tolerate. They come in a tub of 500, which will last me more than five months — definitely a win with these Blue Bear Wipes," an impressed user mentioned. 

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Blue Bear Protection sells premium PPE products at affordable prices across the USA. We’ve spent decades building good relationships with suppliers and distributors around the world, enabling us to source the best products. Our warehouses around the country enable us to get those products into homes, schools, medical centers and businesses quickly and easily. Our mission is to make quality personal protective products accessible to everyone.

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