Bona Fide Beauty Makes a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift by Keeping Nails Healthy Smooth for a Just-Manicured Feeling

TORONTO, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Starting at just $10, Bona Fide Beauty makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift so mom can quickly take care of her nails with a buttery smooth finish to prevent breakages and keep them beautiful without seeing an expensive manicurist.

Best of all, she will appreciate it and thank you for years to come.

"Unlike emery board or metal files that can tear and shred nails, our Czech glass files leave a buttery smooth finish with no jagged edges to seal and protect keratin layers for stronger and healthier nails," said Bona Fide Beauty’s head of strategy, brand, and product Toral Padia.

Since 2019, more than 202,000 customers have placed 252,000 Bona Fide Beauty orders. Articles talking about the benefits of Bona Fide Beauty have appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bizarre, Chicago Tribune, Chicago WGN-TV, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and The Zoe Report

The reason it works is due to the fine uniform grit of the Czech glass files, which allows you to easily file in any direction, unlike most emery boards and metal files. These glass files are made flexible so only a gentle touch is needed for mom to give herself a quick manicure.

Mom can say goodbye to that fingernail on the chalkboard feeling that’s common after using metal files and emery boards. With regular use, she will receive a smooth finish with no breaks, snagging, or rough edges.

Over time, Bona Fide Beauty can also improve nail strength and appearance and will help her grow healthy beautiful nails.

"Our glass files last up to four times longer than metal files and emery boards. The strong tempered glass is designed for maximum wear and durability. The glass is also water-resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean. Just wash under water with gentle soap," said Padia.

Files are also reusable, 100 percent recyclable, and won’t rot, rust, or corrode. Files come in a variety of bright colors and a hard case, so it’s easy to find without fumbling through your purse.

"Our glass nail files are made in the Czech Republic using a centuries-old glassmaking technique now recognized globally. Sometimes called bohemian glass, it earned its reputation through superior craftsmanship and is known for its unmatched long-lasting quality," said Padia.

The glass files are ergonomically designed for a tight grip making it easy for mom. Its abrasive surface appears on both sides and looks a bit like frosted glass. The thin two-millimeter-thick files are easy for most people to clean under their nails.

Multipacks make a great gift for mom, but you can also buy individual nail files, singles, cuticle pushers, and nail wraps. Bona Fide Beauty also has foot files that can smooth rough edges and soothe aching feet, and files that are decorated with Swarovski crystal or with a titanium finish.

If mom has a problem with her toenails, Bona Fide Beauty can help. Its Mani-Pedi Set is specifically designed to smooth tough and thick toenails.

To protect pet owners from pets scratching and ruining their furniture, Bona Fide Beaty sells a Pet Nail File. The files are specifically made for dogs, cats, and birds and help keep pet nails strong and healthy.

All products can be purchased directly on the Bona Fide Beauty website or through Amazon.

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