California Natural Color Selects PLT Health Solutions to Market Its MegaNatural® Cardiovascular Health and Antioxidant Portfolio

Unit of E. & J. Gallo Winery Offers Standardized, Traceable and Sustainable Ingredients from Grapes

MORRISTOWN, N.J., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced that it has been selected by California Natural Color (CALCOLOR) to market its portfolio of cardiovascular health and antioxidant ingredients in North America. The long-term agreement will cover CALCOLOR’s MegaNatural® lines with the potential for further products to come online in the near future. The company’s MegaNatural–BP® is a patented FDA no-objection GRAS grape seed extract that has been shown to help support healthy blood pressure metabolism and normal arterial function. It is standardized to over 94% polyphenol content. The polyphenol content of MegaNatural Gold® is not less than 90% by weight. Both ingredients are highly water soluble making them ideal for use in supplements and in functional foods and beverages. All CALCOLOR ingredients are made in California from special seed blends derived entirely from unfermented domestic red and white varietal wine grape seeds and are Kosher and Halal certified. The seeds are extracted with hot water, purified, concentrated and spray-dried with no carrier, resulting in a high phenolic, high-ORAC grape seed extract powder without any preservatives.

According to Sid Hulse, Vice President of Product Development for PLT Health Solutions, this agreement builds on a relationship the two companies have had for more than five years. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with California Natural Color – offering more of their ingredients to a wider range of consumer products companies in North America. The high polyphenol concentrations of these ingredients combined with their consistency, traceability and sustainability help them stand out in the market as premium solutions for companies seeking to offer heart health and antioxidant benefits,” he said.

Premium quality ingredients from a world-class source

Grapes are known to contain a variety of phytochemicals, like phenolic acids, stilbenes, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanidins, all of which are strong antioxidants. PLT innovation partner, California Natural Color, is a division of E. & J. Gallo Winery, the largest premium wine company in the world. This gives the company access to an abundant supply of fresh wine grapes, grown in California’s Central Valley and coastal regions, where it retains complete control over the entire growing and manufacturing process — from the initial selection of wine grapes to final extraction of finished material.

MegaNatural grape seed extracts are traceable to the exact California vineyard where they were grown. Not all grape seed extract suppliers are able to make the same claim. Through relentless testing and painstaking record keeping, California Natural Color can guarantee that MegaNatural grape seed extracts remain adulterant free, which is an increasing concern surrounding some grape seed extracts. Because ensuring the safety of consumers is of utmost importance, California Natural Color is a proud supporter of the American Botanical Council’s Botanical Adulterants Program.

According to Phillip Klein, Vice President of California Natural Color, the selection of PLT Health Solutions as a marketing partner for its MegaNatural lines was a result of PLT’s unique commercialization resources and deep ties with leading consumer products companies. “PLT has assembled world-class resources in science, sales and marketing, customer service and quality assurance, which makes them an excellent complement to CALCOLOR’s raw material sourcing and manufacturing teams,” he said. “Around the industry, they are known as an innovation partner of choice in functional food/beverage and supplements markets. We’re looking forward to working with PLT to establish the MegaNatural portfolio as a leader in the cardiovascular health and antioxidant categories” Klein added.

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