Celebrating 17 Years as a Leading Women-Owned Jewelry Business

NEW YORK, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This March – Women’s History Month – Metalicious celebrates 17 years as a leading women-owned jewelry business! Looking for a creative challenge, Stephanie Maslow Blackman started Metalicious in 2005. A wife and mother, she is environmentally conscious with a passion for jewelry, and Metalicious reflects that. They use ethically sourced gemstones and green practices as often as possible, leaving a small footprint behind.

Our environment is extremely important and Metalicious is passionate about supporting that. It’s of utmost importance for them to use recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones, in all of their creations. They work to use green practices in any area of the business possible, trying to leave as small a footprint behind as possible. They encourage positive examples of business practices and jewelry making, making sure to have a jewelry piece their customers can feel good about wearing.

Setting an example for our children and our future, Metalicious jewelry comes from the heart. They provide stunning pieces with incredible meaning. As unique and spirited jewelry that’s artistically crafted, they offer pieces that align with most customers’ values and aesthetic. They strive to create meaningful family heirloom jewelry that brings joy for generations to come. Lovingly handcrafted, they offer fine jewelry to feel amazing about. This year, they are celebrating 17 years as a leading jewelry business that is proudly women-owned!

Whether a piece of jewelry to bring joy, to allow someone to feel loved, or to represent a milestone, they can help customers find the best jewelry to treasure for years to come. After 17 amazing years as a leading women-owned jewelry business, they are confident in their ability to create sentimental pieces that are wearable works of art! Enjoy all aspects of jewelry with meaningful fine jewelry at Metalicious. With custom options, beautiful collections, and fine jewelry to choose from, their pieces leave an impact.

With several aspects that differentiate them from a typical jewelry store, customers can find fine jewelry that brings significant value and meaning. They work to give back to our community and environment, while also bringing meaningful fine jewelry. They also work in collaborations with their customers to create the jewelry of their customers’ dreams. Celebrate 17 years with Metalicious and shop their collections of fine jewelry.

Stephanie Blackman
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