Chicagoland’s Renowned Warner Institute Unveils New “SWIFT Sculpt” Procedure

The proprietary technique permanently contours the jawline and defines the profile while cutting operating and recovery times

CHICAGO, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Jeremy Warner, MD FACS, founder of renowned practice the Warner Institute, today announced his newly offered SWIFT Sculpt procedure, the latest proprietary technique in an ever-growing list of State-of-the-art Warner Institute Facelift Technique (SWIFT) procedures. Dr. Warner combines years of specialized training and experience to perfect an in-office minimally invasive procedure, which cuts operating room costs and minimizes downtime.

The SWIFT Sculpt is minimally invasive to contour and tighten the jawline to the ideal profile, maximizing the efficiency of the procedure and safety of the patient. Dr. Warner uses the latest technology in liposuction to safely remove excess fat under the chin and neck along the jawline and extends the profile jawline view with chin augmentation. In addition, the SWIFT Sculpt procedure is finished when Dr. Warner performs Facetite, a radiofrequency procedure that shapes, contours and lifts the neck without a scalpel to tighten loose skin. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia at the Warner Institute and completed in under one hour.

“Chin Augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed around the country,” said Dr. Warner. “With the SWIFT Sculpt procedure, we wanted to revolutionize a costly and recovery filled procedure through a technique that gives the patient permanent results without the time, expense and stress of a traditional augmentation surgery. Clients have absolutely loved their results so far, and I’m excited to take the SWIFT Sculpt to the next level and expand our proprietary SWIFT offerings.”

Unlike many other facial aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, all SWIFT procedures take place in-office at the Warner Institute, which include the Warner Institute Frequency Tummy Tuck (SWIFT Tuck) and Warner Institute Facelift Technique (SWIFT Lift). The Warner Institute’s new location at 436 W Frontage Rd in Northfield, Ill. provides a state-of-the-art operating suite with private patient recovery rooms, ensuring the patient’s comfortability through the whole process. Due to the use of local anesthesia, a traditional operating room is not required, further lowering the cost for the patient.

“I am excited to offer my patients a procedure that has taken years of training and refining to create and perfect,” continued Dr. Warner. “Nothing is more rewarding than safely giving someone the looks and confidence of their dreams.”

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