Chicago’s Renowned Warner Institute Unveils One-of-a-kind SWIFT Lift Procedure

CHICAGO, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Jeremy Warner, founder of The Warner Institute, a world class aesthetic and reconstructive surgery practice, has announced the launch of the State-of-the-art Warner Institute Facelift Technique (SWIFT Lift). With a veteran background specializing in facial plastics, Dr. Warner developed the patent-pending face/necklift procedure that provides an exceptional patient experience using the best surgical technique possible, while significantly reducing the average operating and recovery times.

While standard facelifts are typically performed in a hospital operating room, the SWIFT Lift procedure takes place in-office at the Warner Institute, lasts under two hours and yields minimal healing time. Dr. Warner utilizes local anesthesia rather than regional or general anesthesia, making it possible to operate without the need for an operating room and in half the time standard facelifts typically require.

"After partnering with dermatologists for Mohs reconstructive surgeries for many years, I realized I could duplicate the simplified, but effective, procedure across other areas of facial plastics," said Warner. "In developing the SWIFT Lift technique, we have been able to revolutionize the entire face and neck lift experience."

While much more efficient than standard facelifts, the method does not sacrifice quality of results. The surgical technique allows Dr. Warner to effectively target specific facial areas to tighten using a graded method for numbing, creating a natural look that yields minimal recovery time. Standard facelifts require around three weeks to a month to heal, whereas Dr. Warner’s SWIFT Lift leaves hidden incisions and eliminates drainage, resulting in a short 10-14 days recovery time.

"Over the last ten years, the technique has drawn attention from plastic surgeons across the country, and I hope to see it one day practiced nationwide," continued Warner. "It brings me great joy to use my own background and experience to educate the next generation of plastic surgeons – so much so, it is ingrained into the Warner Institute’s mission."

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About Warner Institute

Helmed by founder and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Warner, MD FACS, the Warner Institute is a world class aesthetic and reconstructive surgery practice, providing industry leading education, mentorship and global service outreach. Backed by years of experience and innovative techniques, the Warner Institute provides Chicagoans with a variety of quality cosmetic surgery procedures, including the proprietary State-of-the-art Warner Institute Facelift Technique (SWIFT Lift). For more information, visit

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