Consumer Product Events Curates Products for Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

MALIBU, Calif., Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Consumer Product Events, the matchmaker for products and press, has curated a list of recommendations for Valentine’s Day gift guides including companies recently named one of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (“10KSB”). CPE’s founder, Alyson Dutch, was one of the 10KSB honorees.

Bella Virtu Organics The clean skincare line featuring organic premium essential oils, introduces their new Winter Care System.

Jennifer Weismann |

D’VINE Cookies (#10KSB) The national luxury cookie company known for stuffing with everything from Oreos to M&Ms.

Tanya Caspar |

Good Clean Love® Developed to enhance a naturally drenched love life, Almost Naked®’s organic, pH-balanced, and water-based personal lubricant provides long-lasting glide without a sticky cleanup.

Macki Swan |

Handstand Kitchen® (#10KSB) Cooks can say “I LOVE YOU” with the deluxe stainless steel Cookie Cutter 12-Piece Boxed Set full of love-themed shapes from the woman-owned cooking kits and accessory company.

Yvette Garfield |

I Love You, Spot  Eric Hill has brought back one of the most iconic childhood characters, Spot, the beloved yellow puppy. His new book, titled “I Love You, Spot,” features a story-time snuggly companion from Commonwealth Toys.

Jill Collins |

Kline Academy (#10KSB) Couples will escape into a romantic Paint Night date while teachers show how to create one’s own version of a historical painting. A two-for-one special for $35/couple with the offer code “Valentine” expires March 31, 2021.

Cheryl Kline  |

Loft & Bear Artisanal Vodka (#10KSB) Paul Ryan Elliott diversifies the beverage space as a black-owned artisan distiller. A vodka, the subtle vanilla notes are why the LA distillery was named one of six spirits for Summer Sipping by the Los Angeles Times.

Paul Elliott |

Milk Jar Cookies (#10KSB) Featuring 75 recipes for hand-rolled cookies and baked goods, the exclusive Williams Sonoma partner introduces the Milk Jar Cookies Bakebook with indispensable pro tips, specialty ingredients and custom Spotify QR codes.

Jessica Napp |

Sammy’s Sew Shop Lowering the carbon pawprint, Sammy’s Sew Shop makes dog bed covers that can be customized in thousands of fabrics and are upcycled when stuffed with an owner’s clothing to provide familiarity for anxious animals.

Heather Atherton  |

Spatty  Because 25% of expensive makeup and skincare products get stuck in impossible-to-empty containers, this miniature rubber spatula is designed to Get Every Last Drop® of precious beauty product for use.

Cheryl Rigdon  |

Style Union Home Cofounder of True Religion jeans, Kym Gold, presents a Valentine’s Day exclusive: a perfectly-orbed, customizable, ceramic paperweight inscribed with “I Heart U” from her new luxury ceramic homeware line, Style Union Home.

Macy Harrell  |

Susan Faris For women who love to check themselves out, Susan Faris’ Lip & Beauty Case is elegant and functional with a magnifying mirror. An accessory for daily touch-ups, all cases are handmade using the highest quality vegan faux exotic leather.

Susan Faris |

VIBERANCE Beauty + Wellness  Ethically sourced crystal-infused skincare, created to harness positive energy for the mind and skin, VIBERANCE’s ILLUMINATE Brightening Serum is infused with a rose quartz crystal that promotes self-love.

Kirk Gundersen  |

VOLOOPE SHAPEWEAR  Curve-enhancing underwear with removable pads for a boost under any outfit, the high waisted compression and smoothing fabric gives the illusion of a flat tummy and a rounder bottom.

Terri Apple |

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