Diane Crecca and SG360° Team Up to Solve Beauty Marketers’ Challenges

WHEELING, Ill., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SG360° is pleased to announce it has retained Diane Crecca of Diane Crecca Consulting to represent the company in the beauty industry. Diane is a stalwart marketer and relationship builder who loves the creative process with its many facets and emotions. As a renowned fragrance evaluator, she has helped launch brands into the U.S. market with an emphasis on creative elements.

The beauty industry is evaluating new and unique ways to provide sampling options for its clientele and develop more direct, emotional, and loyal relationships—something that Diane has unique experience doing throughout her career.

SG360° is a direct marketing services company focused on helping brands improve marketing performance. As such, they maintain an in-house data stack on thousands of demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data points on 99% of the U.S. population. With this, they can identify purchase intenders based on recent online and offline activity and leverage up-to-date information on key life-event data to build predictive models, helping marketers optimize campaigns and reach those prospects most likely to respond.

This arms beauty marketers with access to purchase history data across luxury items and known fragrance, cosmetics, and skincare users. Beauty marketers can also leverage SG360°’s expertise deploying that consumer data in the creative process, to develop campaign architecture, sample and mail piece design, messaging, and offer development that inspires action.

Along with the support of SG360°, Diane remains committed to industry organizations including Cosmetic Executive Women and The Fragrance Foundation; most recently, she joined PERFUMIST as part of its Board.

About SG360°

Since 1956, SG360° has thrived by anticipating and addressing client needs in the ever-changing direct marketing sphere. By continually redefining what direct mail is and what it can do, they have become an industry-leading provider of omnichannel direct marketing solutions. SG360°’s dedication to quality is regularly reflected in the multiple industry awards they receive annually.

Media Contact:
Melanie De Caprio