Dr. Doug’s Balms Offer Effective Natural Relief

From Arnica Montana to Transdermal Magnesium, Dr. Doug’s Products Help People Naturally Manage Their Pain

CARMEL, Ind., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pain is common. It comes in all forms and can be both temporary and chronic. The natural existence of pain has led to the creation of a massive industry surrounding pain management. Many existing solutions include strong pharmaceutical products, from NSAIDs to narcotics and more. And yet, often the best ways to manage pain can be found in the simple solutions provided by nature.

“At Dr. Doug’s, we’ve found that often the best way to manage pain is by applying simple, targeted solutions,” says company co-founder “Dr. Doug” Strobel. The neurologist goes on to explain that his Original Miracle Balm is made of a basic list of six carefully selected ingredients. “Each one is all-natural, all-organic, and chosen for its efficacy as a skincare agent and healer. Together, they work to create a product that can protect, heal, and restore the skin.”

While the original formula is excellent as a way to moisturize and preserve the skin, Strobel didn’t stop there. Over time, he’s developed multiple versions of his skincare formula, including a pair of products that specifically help with pain management.

The first of these is the brand’s Magnesium Balm. “Magnesium is a powerful nutrient that the body needs for countless biochemical reactions,” Strobel explains,”Transdermal magnesium is also the most effective form of magnesium intake. Our Magnesium Balm helps our customers quickly absorb magnesium chloride, which can help relieve pain related to muscles, nerves, cramps, and even osteoporosis.”

Recovery Balm is another Dr. Doug’s fan favorite when it comes to pain management. The product adds both magnesium chloride and Arnica Montana to the original formula. The latter has a reputation as an anti-inflammatory agent and is known as nature’s pain killer.

Whether it’s addressing a case of restless leg through transdermal magnesium, reducing joint pain through the application of topical Arnica, or countless other common forms of muscle, joint, and skin-related discomfort, Dr. Doug’s is an ideal pain management solution. From clean ingredients to simple formulas, each product is designed to provide fast, safe, and effective topical pain relief.

About Dr. Doug’s Balms: “Dr. Doug” Strobel and Natalie Gardner co-founded Dr. Doug’s Balms in Carmel, Indiana in 2016 after finding smashing success with their original “Miracle Balm” solution. The brand’s growing line of skincare products continues to wow customers as it faithfully delivers on its promise to “protect, heal, and restore.” Learn more about the company’s growing collection of skincare products at drdougsbalms.com.

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