Dry Heels Cracked Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask Treatment Care Set Receives Accolades on YouTube

HICKORY, N.C., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Noted foot care brand, Soft Touch, has become a social media sensation with the success of its dry heels cracked feet exfoliating foot mask treatment. Users of the popular product have made the foot care set the highlight of countless videos that can be seen on the video-sharing website, YouTube. Many videos document the process from start to finish, praising the product for its effectiveness in relieving dry, cracked and calloused feet.

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Amazon customers have also been adding photo and video results in their highly impressed reviews to show first-hand how well the foot mask works. One reviewer was eager to share, “My feet are horrible when it comes to calluses, especially my heels. I gave these a shot as it is so hard to get into a salon right now for a good pedicure. WOW. My heels are 500% better, and the rest of my feet are callus-free for the most part.”

The reviewer goes on to say, “The directions say if you have thick and tough calluses, to give these a shot again in two weeks, which I will do with the second set that was in the package. I wore socks over the boots when I had them on. To save on time, I just let our tub fill up when I showered and soaked them each day that way with no issues.”

The exfoliating foot mask is a low maintenance, effective and lasting treatment done in the comfort of home. Simply slipping on the gel-filled booties, users can achieve soft, rejuvenated skin without any sloughing, filing or “elbow grease” required.

Get The Gloss, the online destination for expert health and beauty advice, published an article speaking to the effectiveness of foot peels. It states, “The skin on our feet can be the toughest, thickest and most calloused on our body, and for good reason — we needed hardy soles to get us about safely pre-shoes in caveman times.” Because of this, using a foot exfoliating mask is often the recommended solution to dealing with concerning calluses and thickened, cracked skin on the feet. “Your body will gradually do away with surface dead skin cells naturally, but given that feet, in particular, are so prone to hard skin buildup, a leg-up by way of a foot peel can have dramatic effects where softening, smoothing and dead skin shedding is concerned.”

Peeling of the skin can be expected to begin within 4-14 days after treatment. Depending on each individual’s rate of skin cell turnover, most people will retain smooth, healthy feet for a period of up to three months.

The company currently offers three variations of its foot care set. The original formula contains botanical ingredients such as apples, lemons, and aloe vera extracts, a second formula adds the benefits of tea tree extract, while the third includes peppermint.

“Our foot peel mask is famous in the foot care market, and people are amazed at the fantastic results,” says the company’s senior spokesperson. “This is more than just your basic foot care product. People are addicted to the foot peeling craze we created.”

For those interested in additional information about the dry heels treatment by Soft Touch, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.

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Soft Touch is led by Tim and Lynsey Frey from Hickory, NC. Their foot peel masks rid feet of rough heels and stubborn calluses. This leaves feet feeling baby soft and refreshed without the hassle of useless tools or expensive trips to the spa.

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