Dynamic Energy Celebrates Completion of Solar Project for The Miyoshi Kasei Group

DAYVILLE, Conn., Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Miyoshi America President Tim Takagi, today has announced the commissioning of an 842 kW ground mounted solar power generating system with Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC (“Dynamic Energy”) at Miyoshi America Headquarters and manufacturing facility. The installation, which sits adjacent to their facility, will meet >40% of its electricity demand.  By partnering with Dynamic Energy, a full-service solar energy solutions provider, Miyoshi America was able to develop a project from beginning-to-end that embraces solar energy as a pathway to achieving their corporate sustainability goals at a critical time. The resulting onsite solar system encapsulates Miyoshi America’s pledge to manufacturing ingredients for the cosmetics industry that embody a full product lifecycle approach to cleaner, more sustainable products for consumers. As a leading innovator in the scientific development of cosmetic ingredients, this project also reinforces Miyoshi America’s commitment to using technology to reduce the impact of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. By using solar technology to reduce their CO2 emissions and increase the adoption of renewable energy, Miyoshi America is promoting environmental conservation and an offset to traditional grid-supplied electricity.

Energy output

1.13 Megawatt Hours

No. of modules


Start of operation

January 2021

“The Miyoshi Kasei Group’s goal is to provide products and services that offer peace of mind and safety to consumers and that are friendly to both society and the environment.  We are committed to implementing initiatives that will protect the environment in harmony with local communities,” said Tim Takagi, President of Miyoshi America.

The ground mounted solar system installed by Dynamic Energy is set to be fully operational in January of 2021 and is comprised of 2,160 high efficiency solar panels. It is expected to generate over 1.13 Megawatt hours of electricity in its first year. This is enough electricity to offset approximately 798 metric tons (1,758,237 pounds) of carbon dioxide, equivalent to removing 172 cars from Connecticut’s roads, or the amount of carbon sequestered by 1,042 acres of U.S. forest each year.

“As consumers and end-use stakeholders continue to put increasing focus on how sustainability and environmental practices relate with the products that we all use, The Miyoshi Kasei Group has raised the bar to meet this critical objective, leading by example to help meet today’s global priorities as a world-class corporate citizen” said Tim Carr, Vice President of Business Development at Dynamic Energy. “By converting otherwise dormant space into this facility asset, Miyoshi has successfully created a sustainability centerpiece for the Killingly community, as well as stabilized their electrical costs for decades to come. We commend Miyoshi for their forward-thinking and collaborative approach to this project and look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”

About Miyoshi America

Miyoshi America, Inc., along with the Miyoshi Kasei Group of companies, is the global leader in the development and manufacture of surface treated pigments and mineral substrates for the cosmetics industry. Established in 1985 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Miyoshi Kasei, Inc., Miyoshi America, Inc. has built on Miyoshi Kasei’s invention of the silicone surface treatment for cosmetics back in the 1970’s.

Recent innovations include MiyoAQUA alginate treated pigments, natural (seaweed origin), hydrophilic surface treated iron oxides that easily disperses into the water phase and the MiyoSYN Series of surface treated synthetic micas that provide the ability to control radiance level, long lasting, purity and traceability.

Miyoshi America, Inc. has leveraged its expertise and proprietary technologies in surface treatments to develop superior products for color cosmetics and skin care:

  • Breakthrough Surface Treated Pigments
  • Innovative Functional Materials
  • Easy to Use Dispersions

See www.miyoshiamerica.com for more information.

About Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC

Dynamic Energy is a full-service solar energy provider that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, finance, build and maintain projects to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. With an in-house team that includes professional engineers, project managers, and master electricians, Dynamic Energy creates high-quality projects that reduce customer expenses, improve operating efficiency, provide an attractive return on investment, and achieve sustainability goals. For more information, please visit www.dynamicenergy.com.

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