Earth Baby®’s Moisturizing Lotion+ Wins the Lotion Product of the Year Award

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In June, trend-setting health and wellness brand Earth Baby® officially became the recipient of the Lotion Product of the Year award at the 2021 Independent Baby Innovation Award program. The company’s well-established commitment to safety, quality, and creativity naturally made them a front-runner for the award. But Earth Baby®’s ability to edge out over 1,500 competitors for the prestigious accolade only serves to bolster the brand’s growing reputation as an elite option in the baby care industry.

Earth Baby® is redefining the newborn health and wellness landscape. Its growing product line combines the traditional wisdom of using organic, natural, safe ingredients with the innovative delivery method of its Oleosphere® technology.

The brand’s existing customer community is well aware of the efficacy and trustworthiness of the company’s products. However, a much larger consumer audience was just alerted to the rapidly growing brand via its prestigious recognition at the 2021 Independent Baby Innovation Award program.

The inaugural event took place earlier this year and officially announced its various winners on June 30th. With over 1,500 brands receiving nominations, the competition was fierce. And yet, when the dust settled, Earth Baby®’s Moisturizing Lotion+ remained the clear winner.

The popular product took home the Lotion Product of the Year award, further punctuating the effectiveness of the lotion’s cuddly-soft yet powerful effect. Hypoallergenic, preservative-free, with certified organic ingredients, the clinically tested Moisturizing Lotion+ formula is promoted as a first-class moisturizing solution for sensitive baby skin.

While the award is an honor, the Earth Baby® team isn’t living in the past. They’re using the win to further fuel their desire to impact the lives of parents and children across the nation. From moisturizers to sanitizers, sunscreen, shampoo, rash cream, and more, the brand is excited to see so many individuals, young and old, benefit from its award-winning formulas, both now and in the future.

About Earth Baby®: Earth Baby® was founded in 2007 by Florence Nacino and relaunched in 2020. As a new grandmother, the founder wanted to put her past experience to use creating effective, organic baby-safe products for parents to use on their children. Nacino has over 40 years of experience working as a health and beauty formulation researcher, chemist, and regulatory specialist. In the 19 years since its founding, the company has created a wide range of safe, organic, natural products that utilize the company’s unique, patented Oleosphere® technology for maximum delivery.

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