Elite Testing and Wellness Launches Innovative DNA Testing and IV Therapy in the Atlanta Market

ATLANTA, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Elite Testing and Wellness at the Chastain Surgery Center is excited to announce the launch of innovative genetic testing and IV drip therapy services in the Atlanta market. The DNA tests are the future of health optimization and include a DNA fitness test, micronutrient test, pharmacogenomics test, and a food sensitivity test. Alongside the launch of genomic testing products, Elite is launching a full suite of IV therapy products. The IV Drips available at Elite will include a Beauty Drip, Immunity Drip, Hangover Drip, All-In-One Drip, Meyer’s Cocktail Drip, and a Pre & Post Surgery Drip. Elite will also offer Custom IV Drips based on your micronutrient analysis to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

“We are excited about the launch of all the new products and services at Elite,” says Managing Director of Elite Testing and Wellness, Courtney Rodriguez. “We started this business earlier in 2020 to help address the need for reliable, fast COVID-19 testing. As more providers have entered the area, we are transitioning the company to focus on the next generation of health optimization. We believe these new products and services are going to allow the people of Atlanta to take control of their health with some of the most innovative technology and approaches used around the world.”

Elite Testing and Wellness is a new DNA testing center & IV Drip Therapy lounge in Atlanta. The DNA testing products and IV Therapy services work together to create a holistic approach to the future of health. With DNA testing, Elite helps patients gain access to important genetic data analysis on the impact of fitness, diet, pharmaceuticals, and more on their health. Elite works with patients to develop a fitness plan, diet plan, and IV therapy plan for optimal health & performance based on the patient’s genetics.

Dr. Alan N. Larsen, Medical Director of Elite Testing and Wellness, had this to say, “We are proud to add Elite Testing & Wellness to the Alan N. Larsen Family of Brands alongside Buckhead Plastic Surgery, LUX Med Spa, and Chastain Surgery Center. The launch of these innovative products & services gives Atlanta a luxurious location for the future of health optimization.”

To learn more about DNA Testing & IV Therapy, contact Elite Testing and Wellness at 404.689.6860

SOURCE Elite Testing and Wellness