Entrepreneur Finds Success with Direct-to-Consumer Dental Business

Venture Delivers Affordable Dental Night Guards Directly to Customers

MILWAUKEE, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wisconsin-based innovator Joseph P. Hafner, who has made his American dream reality with his online direct-to-consumer dental company Sparkling White Smiles, Inc., continues to see growth through TeethNightGuard.com. The division creates custom night guards to protect teeth from harmful grinding and clenching and serves as a natural complement to SparklingWhiteSmiles.com, Hafners’s dentist-quality teeth whitening tray and gel delivery business.

"Growing a small startup business that started in the basement into a thriving e-commerce opportunity shows the potential and possibilities that come with hard work," said Hafner, the founder and president of Sparkling White Smiles, Inc. "Our proven model allows our customers to protect and improve their teeth and gain lasting confidence in themselves."

Dental technicians use advanced laboratory techniques, premium materials, and quality control measures to craft appliances for SparklingWhiteSmiles.com and TeethNightGuard.com. The company’s customers save hundreds over the costs quoted by dentists and avoid the time and expense of office visits. The team behind Sparkling White Smiles fosters consumer confidence through strategic partnerships with Shopify, Google, Microsoft, PayPal. This focus on technology powers current progress and drives future growth.

From humble beginnings 15 years ago, Joseph Hafner built his multi million dollar dental business with perseverance and the successful combination of academic and professional experience. Hafner graduated from Marquette University with bachelor’s degrees in biomedical sciences and marketing. He then found career success working for a private medical diagnostics company and for AbbVie, the Fortune 100 biopharmaceutical company. Recognizing gaps in the market, Hafner leveraged his lab technique and technology knowledge to create his startup, launching SparklingWhiteSmiles.com, and five years later, TeethNightGuard.com.

Hafner offers big tech consulting and e-commerce consulting, helping other entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities. His other interests include running, golfing, investing, real estate, cheering on the Marquette Golden Eagles and Milwaukee Bucks. Hafner also enjoys traveling and spending days on the lake with his wife and four children, whose continued support has been instrumental to Sparkling White Smiles, Inc.

About the Company: Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sparkling White Smiles, Inc. creates custom teeth whitening trays and dental night guards, along with a curated selection of whitening gels and pens. Find out more about the business at sparklingwhitesmiles.com and teethnightguard.com.

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