ER Physician Diagnosed with Alopecia While Working the Pandemic Creates the Hair Growth Box for Other Women Experiencing Hair Loss

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alopecia Awareness Month (September)- Celebrity Fertility Expert, Emergency Room Physician, Urgent Care Co-owner, Mother and Wife, Best-selling author – are all titles Dr. Jerisa Berry wears well. Fighting on the frontlines is a part of the oath Dr. Berry took – to protect and save lives During her career. But during the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, she suffered with hair loss and alopecia. Many women lose their hair and often do not know where to start for regrowth. “It was devastating to run my fingers across a bald spot and I had to look at my fingers again to make sure what I felt was real.”

Only 12% of women experiencing hair loss seek restoration treatment. These and other questions Dr. Jerisa Berry sought to answer after she was diagnosed with alopecia areata this year. Specifically, she is now launching, a package of herbs, antioxidants, polyphenols and other nutrients that work to nourish the scalp as well as other products from reputable hair and skin vendors. Women focus a lot on what topicals to apply to the areas and scalp, while forgetting to be consistent with nutrients the scalp and body needs they may be deficient in. It is Dr. Jerisa Berry’s goal that what helped her may help others.

7 million people have experienced Alopecia. Many think hair loss only occurs in men because women can hide a lot under wigs and hair pieces. And hiding it often also leads to delays in testing, diagnosis, treatment and restoration. “You’d be surprised how many women hide patchy alopecia and 40% of alopecia patients are female. For me, after trying some topicals that didn’t work, I did my research, testing and then added specific things to my diet and nutrition, not just to regrow my hair but for general wellness as a frontline physician.”

Never letting her struggle be her downfall- she always used her personal experiences to fuel her determination.  Now, she is advocating and using her platform to educate the public not only about the effects of COVID-19, including hair loss, but what nutrients and general wellness habits they should consider for hair loss and alopecia awareness. 

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