Experience California Glamour at Glamifornia Style Lounge in Malibu

MALIBU, Calif., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exclusive. Luxury. Relaxation.

These features should be at the core of every beauty experience. However, they have become increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced world. Glamifornia Style Lounge changes that by offering premier personally-curated concierge beauty services in Malibu.

Located inside the historic and newly renovated Malibu Courthouse, Glamifornia Style Lounge (or GSL for short), a pioneer in the local beauty, health, wellness, and art industries, offers streamlined, catered beauty services in a soothing and professional environment. From cuts, colors & blowouts to lashes and brows, manicures and pedicures, makeup consultations, facials and massages, tanning services, and more, GSL offers all of the beauty solutions you need to look and feel larger than life ~ all in a time-saving, efficient manner. Imagine having your nails, hair, and makeup done by a movie industry-trained team of beauty professionals.

GSL offers nearly all of its services on a concierge basis – our team comes to you so you can relax and be pampered in the comfort of your home or hotel. Such concierge services save clients time, make it easier to keep up with their busy schedules, and provide patrons with more private and personalized experiences provided by GSL’s beauty and wellness experts. Glamifornia’s diverse and experienced team of beauty practitioners know that you deserve the best and they go above and beyond to custom-curate every appointment for each individual client. See our talent here: https://glamifornia.com/talent/

Glamifornia Style Lounge also offers a wide range of boutique products as well. The GSL Boutique Shop boasts a wide selection of unique products to inspire creativity and beauty as you help to design your own unique, savvy style. From sensational Glamifornia swimwear and on-trend Glamifornia Stylewear, to vintage bags, fashion accessories, and Madflowers luscious beauty and body essential oil products, The GSL Boutique Shop is your source for indulgent California Glamour. Terah Tidy, Designer and Proprietor at the Style Lounge, is the genius behind this unique space. Tidy has personally designed creatively personalized home decor that are perfect for your interior or outdoor spaces at home or at an office.

Glamifornia Style Lounge is a beauty agency that helps to select and schedule beauty professionals to fulfill your every need. Visit Glamifornia.com to learn more about the company and the custom-curated service packages they offer. Schedule your first appointment today with the Style Lounge’s easy and convenient online booking. Get ready to experience California Glamour!

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Terah Tidy

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