From Distributors to Salon Experts: GK Hair Envisions Progress

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — First established in 2007, GK Hair is about to accomplish 15 long years of progress. Throughout the years, the company proved that the best course of action to stay ahead of the curve is to grow by helping others in doing so. In this regard, GK Hair’s founder and CEO, Van Tibolli, had the pleasure to exchange words on podcasts with the distributors, as well as salon professionals who have been working with the brand since long.

Heidi Hoover is one of the professionals who’ve spent 15 long years with GK Hair. As the owner of The Hair Studio, she shares her anecdotes on establishing a salon business and sheds light on how GK Hair shared in her achievements:

"It was around 2007 when I attended a hair show in Massachusetts and saw a GK Hair booth set up. I used to love experimenting with new products, but I was skeptical about keratin treatments, until the sales reps there explained the benefits of keratin. So, I ended up buying a package deal. When I introduced it into my salon, the clients wanted to try it. The more they tried it, the more they loved it, and the small package that I bought from the booth turned into bulk orders. "

Louis Gelman is yet another name who has been associated with GK Hair for quite a while. The owner of Fineline Distributors talks about his struggles as a distribution business owner and recalls a rather entertaining moment with GK Hair that helped him in client retention.

"When we scheduled our first class for a keratin treatment, I had [the salon] bring in their own model. So, I was setting up, talking to the educator when the model walked in with the tightest curl pattern. The first thought that passed my mind was, "I don’t think Resistant Keratin is gonna work on this." But I played it cool, and it turned out absolutely amazing. And that’s how I retained a permanent customer through GK Hair."

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