FS Collezione Hair Brushes: Where Healthy Hair Meets Italian Design

Fabio Scalia Salons Announces Launch of Luxury Hair Brushes

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fabio Scalia Hair Salons, located in New York City’s Brooklyn and SoHo neighborhoods, announces the launch of its FS Collezione luxury hairbrushes. The 12-brush collection is made in Italy, designed by Fabio Scalia, and represents the brand’s expansion into premium hair accessories.

“I have been designing FS Collezione for 10 years,” says Artistic Director Fabio Scalia. “This is a luxurious brushing and styling experience that respects hair and scalp. Made of the finest materials, and designed for professionals, these are truly the ‘Ferrari of hairbrushes.'”

FS Collezione hair brushes are the ultimate styling tool for professionals, but also enable anyone to maintain healthy hair and salon-quality styling at home. The 12-brush line is designed for certain types of hair and usage, and to protect hair health and integrity.

The line includes: La Claudia (a paddle brush); La Chiara (an all-around brush, but also for extensions); La Monica (boar bristle and ash wood); La Sophia (boar bristle and burgundy); La Mora (boar bristle and nylon); and La Bionda (for fine and short hair).

“Hair brushes are like shoes—you use them for specific purposes. Just like you wouldn’t wear a stiletto to the beach, you must use the right one for your type of hair and the desired styling result,” says Fabio. “These brushes also get better over time and with use. I’ve had some of mine for 20 years.”

A high-quality boar bristle hair brush, like those in the FS Collezione line, is also an essential tool for fall since it can help repair seasonal damage—from UV rays, salt water and chlorine—and prepare your hair for colder, drier air. Brushing with a boar bristle brush is beneficial since it distributes oil throughout the hair, which moisturizes it. The benefits are twofold, says Fabio: shiner hair, and protection from dryness and UV rays.

Fabio Scalia started styling and cutting hair at age 16 in Sicily, where salon culture required impeccable blowout skills. As an artist who is a master of his craft, he learned quickly that success required both technical skills and the right tools. It was this passion that led him to create the FS Collezione line.

FS Collezione hair brushes are available at Fabio Scalia Hair Salons’ Brooklyn Heights and Soho salon locations, and at FabioScalia.com. Prices range from $60$85 per hairbrush.

About Fabio Scalia Hair Salons

Fabio Scalia hair salons are focused on the highest quality of service, artistry and technique. While the salon aesthetic leans toward modern Italian glamour, all Fabio Scalia colorists, stylists and specialists are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and health of clients’ hair and what is best for their personality, face shape and lifestyle. The salons are in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights and, naturalmente, serve a perfect cup of espresso.

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