How the Bona Fide Beauty Foot Smoother Protects Summer Cracked Feet and Makes a Great Father’s Day Gift

TORONTO, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — We’ve all longed for long summer days on the beach but the hot sun can lead to cracked aching feet that the Bona Fide Beauty glass foot smoother can soothe and protect.

Left unattended, cracked aching feet can be extremely uncomfortable, may even bleed, and worse, become infected. Cracked feet look terrible and could even be so painful that you won’t have a chance to enjoy hiking and do other fun activities the short summer season has to offer.

"Our foot smoothers make a great gift for dad or any other sun worshiper," said Bona Fide Beauty’s head of strategy, brand, and product Toral Padia. "Our smoothers come in two summer colors, including Sunset and Sea Spritz. Currently, you can save $5."

The gentle foot smoother is made from the finest glass from the Czech Republic and will help dad have better-looking and healthy feet while walking in sandals. This premium Bohemian glass is tempered and toughened to ensure strength, and wear resistance, and is reusable after many uses.

It’s an effective way to care for your feet, buff away dead dry skin, and stimulates blood circulation to improve the oxygen supply to your feet. It’s also a gentle foot scraper and the answer to silky smooth year-round healthy feet.

The Bona Fide Beauty glass foot smoother is easy to clean and hygienic. Just rinse underwater, air/towel dry, slip it back into its handy safety sleeve and it’s travel-friendly and summer-ready for the next use.

"Whether it’s at home or on the go, our glass foot smoothers should be a staple to anyone’s pedicure kit," said Padia.

For the father who’s concerned about their appearance, Padia has another suggestion.

"Our glass nail files will make any dad look well-groomed and feel good with healthy nails. Right now, our newly introduced transparent glass nail files are on sale for $8.99. We also have a black and blue glass nail file for dads who prefer more masculine colors," she said.

The Bona Fide Beauty nail files are also made of the same durable premium Czech ‘Bohemian’ glass as the foot smoother that’s tempered and toughened to ensure strength. Both items are easy to clean, hygienic and 100 percent recyclable.

After regular use, dad will wonder how he survived without it.

He’ll never want to go back to harmful files that tear, shred and damage the keratin layers of his nails. The Czech glass files seal the keratin layers together at the nail’s edge, leaving nails smooth and healthy with no jagged edges.

Also, these files don’t rust, corrode or deteriorate like other files because the glass is wear-resistant and retains the integrity of the filing surface after many uses.

The glass files also come with a hard protective case that’s ideal for travel and easy storage. Now it’s simple for dad to take responsibility for his nail health and always be prepared for emergency nail snags and accidental chips or breaks.

"Many users have seen stronger and harder fingernails. This reduces the chances of nails splitting, chipping, or peeling. His nails will feel fantastic. Unlike competitors, our glass files shape nails in both directions for speed, efficiency, and easy comfort," said Padia.

Whether you choose our glass nail file or our glass foot smoother both items make excellent gifts for dad or anyone else and are available on Amazon.

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Toral Padia
Head of Strategy, Brand, and Product
Bona Fide Beauty 
Toronto, Canada
Phone: (647) 870-7510

SOURCE Bona Fide Beauty