Jinjoo Labs Marries CBD with K-Beauty Technology in New, Powerful Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory Skincare Line

NEW YORK, March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jinjoo Labs, Inc. officially announced its Jinjoo skincare line, the first and only to combine highly-acclaimed Korean skincare ingredients and cosmetics technology with Cannabidiol, CBD. Developed in partnership with Korea Particle Technology (KPT), an award-winning manufacturer of cosmetics in South Korea, Jinjoo has exclusive rights to use KPT’s patented “pearls” to deliver the perfect amount of CBD.

Dubbed K-Beauty by beauty influencers and makeup artists, skincare and cosmetics made in Korea have gone from cult to mainstream in just the last few years. Rene Shin, the founder of Jinjoo Labs, has always used Korean cosmetics and skincare.

“Korean beauty is defined by luminous skin, so the women there are extremely knowledgeable and downright obsessive about what they put on their skin,” said Shin. “Korean women’s willingness to try new products fuel competition among skincare manufacturers, so innovation is the norm.”

Shin, a mother of two, embarked on a years-long journey to find the right innovating partner, eventually choosing KPT to develop Jinjoo, which in Korean, means pearl. The centerpiece of Jinjoo Labs is its cream pearls. When the pearls are crushed, the formulation mixes together, ensuring the right amount of CBD and enhancing the delivery of K-beauty ingredients such as rice germ, honey and purslane. CBD is a powerful anti-oxidant and provides anti-inflammatory benefits, which is why its so effective in anti-aging treatments and for skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

“KPT was originally founded to apply pharmaceutical techniques to the production of cosmetic ingredients at about the same time that we were learning about the medicinal benefits of CBD, which made them the perfect partner,” said Shin. “If you think about why certain medications absorb better into your body, KPT developed similar techniques so creams and lotions absorb better into the skin, making it much more effective. I’m thrilled that we now have exclusive rights to their patented pearl technology to use for CBD skincare.”

Marja Vongerichten, best known for her PBS series, “Kimchi Chronicles,” a travelogue documenting a deep dive into her Korean heritage through food, is Jinjoo’s spokesperson and chief brand advocate. “Rene and I have been friends for years. We’ve got that Korean connection going on,” said Vongerichten. “I have sensitive skin, and I love that Jinjoo uses so many natural ingredients. Jinjoo looks and feels like it’s improved the texture and appearance of my skin. It’s why I’m happy to promote the brand.”

In addition to internal testing at KPT and Jinjoo Labs, the new products were also tested at the Miami Skin Institute in Florida. “Jinjoo displayed prescription-quality effectiveness,” said Dr. Manjula Jegasothy, a Harvard and Yale-trained, highly sought-after cosmetic dermatologist. “Anecdotally, Jinjoo exceeds current non-steroidal topical prescription products available for rosacea and eczema.” Jegasothy has since joined as Jinjoo Labs’ Medical Advisor.

Jinjoo products will begin shipping in August. The young startup company is taking preorders and offering substantial discounts for a limited time.

About Jinjoo Labs, Inc.

A minority-owned company headquartered in New York City, Jinjoo Labs is primarily led by women. The company’s mission is to create products that perfectly blend Korea’s best skincare ingredients with other natural ingredients such as CBD. Through Korean skincare technology such as the pearl delivery mechanism, Jinjoo Labs expects to quickly become a leading brand. More information is available at jinjoolabs.com

Jessica Rafaeil 


SOURCE Jinjoo Labs