Landing International Partners with ClearForMe in the B2B Beauty Tech Space

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading B2B beauty technology companies Landing International and ClearForMe have joined forces to create greater transparency and inclusivity for beauty shoppers in retail and beyond. Announcing plans to integrate their unique technologies, founders Sarah Chung Park and Sabrina Noorani say the partnership is a reflection of their companies’ shared mission to help beauty customers discover and support brands that are aligned with their mutual values.

“It’s rare to find the kind of alignment that Sabrina and I have,” says Park, CEO of Landing International. “While our technology accomplishes different things, there’s a lot of synergy in what we do and why we do it.” Since 2013, Landing International’s online marketplace has been the engine behind North America’s indie beauty movement, quietly launching over 130 beauty and wellness brands at major U.S. retailers like Ulta, Target and JCPenney. Last year, the company launched its first-ever mobile app: BeautyFluent, a rewards-based training app that helps brands reach and educate beauty advisors working at retail– supporting sales growth for small and minority-owned brands that have historically underperformed in stores due to a lack of training funds.

“ClearForMe’s partnership with Landing International allows us to pave a new path for ingredient transparency while also embracing our shared mission to advance ingredient education for all partners in the industry. Our collaboration with Landing International and the BeautyFluent app is a way to meet beauty advisors and brands where they are using a technology that is already deeply woven into the day to day of both stakeholders.” says Sabrina Noorani, ClearForMe Founder and CEO. Founded in 2017, ClearForMe’s technology provides user-friendly ingredient education, filter, and search capabilities rooted in transparency and personalization. Working with over 375+ partners, including Credo Beauty, Ulta, rhode, Proudly and Mario Badescu, ClearForMe’s ingredient solution is proven to increase average order values for brands and retailers.

Kicking off this month, Park and Noorani say the plan is to integrate their technologies and leverage one another’s customer network–all in service of creating greater inclusivity and transparency in beauty. ClearForMe’s vast database of over 1.8 million ingredients will make it possible for retail beauty advisors to discover products by searching ingredients on the BeautyFluent app. Powered by ClearForMe’s Clickable Ingredients technology, the integration will make it easy and seamless for beauty advisors to guide customers to products that match their ingredient interests and values.

 “What we’ve seen is that the beauty customer wants access to cleaner brands, more diverse brands, more socially conscious brands,” says Park. “Landing and ClearForMe help the customer get more of what they want–and help brands and retailers win in the process.”

About Landing International:

Landing International is a B2B technology company committed to creating greater diversity in beauty retail and beyond. Our award-winning SaaS sales enablement tools were designed to solve many of the hurdles that prevent brands from succeeding in stores–creating greater opportunity for brands, retailers, and the beauty advisors that interact with customers every day on the sales floor. Named one of Fast Company‘s most innovative companies of 2022, we work closely with over 400 beauty and skincare brands and nearly 100 leading global beauty retailers including Ulta, Target, Nordstrom and JCPenney.

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About ClearForMe:

ClearForMe is a platform that offers ingredient information for retailers, brands and consumers with over 1.8 million ingredients. ClearForMe provides its 375+ partners, including Credo Beauty and Ulta Beauty, the largest clean beauty retailer in the world and the largest beauty retailer in the US, user-friendly ingredient education, filter, and search capabilities rooted in transparency and personalization.

Used by over 375+ retailers and brands, ClearForMe provides a simple plug-and-play API to make ingredients clickable, searchable, and shoppable. Founded by Sabrina Noorani, a former derivatives trader at NYSE and later, one of the first employees at the now illustrious Citadel hedge fund, ClearForMe’s smart product discovery tool uses Machine Learning to recommend personalized products, deepening the partners’ end- customers’ digital experience with their brand. Customers spend less time researching and feeling overwhelmed thus building brand loyalty and product value.

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