Lily-Lark Has a Mission this Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Making Sun Protection the Hot New Thing

Lily-Lark parasols offer convenient and stylish sun protection to make preventing skin cancer the most fashionable statement of the summer.

NEW YORK, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What’s the hot new trend for summer 2022? According to Lily-Lark, maker of sun protective parasols, there’s nothing more fashionable than ditching the tan and opting for sun protection instead. Carrying a Lily-Lark parasol makes an important fashion statement, declaring that it’s far more chic to block the sun than bake in it.

Timed just as sunny weather arrives, May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Even though skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer, many people remain unaware of the risk it poses. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. The good news: there’s plenty of ways to be proactive and minimize the chances of developing skin cancer.

In addition to slathering on SPF, using sun protective clothing and accessories can help shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Lily-Lark’s parasols feature UPF 50+ sun-protective fabric, and help protect those easy-to-overlook body parts, like the ears and scalp. The signature line of Lily-Lark parasols is ready to ship, and can be in your hands in time for your next summer adventure.

"My initial motivation for developing Lily-Lark was protecting my skin from aging, and holding onto a job in an ageist industry," says CEO and founder, Lisa Selwitz. "But over time, I heard too many stories about loved ones lost to melanoma way too young."

Selwitz’s vision for Lily-Lark is a company that not only protects its customers with artful parasols, but also through community initiatives that help raise awareness about skin care and expand access to skin cancer screening and prevention. There’s already something exciting with the Skin Cancer Foundation in the works. "We’ve discussed doing a walk— or, more accurately, a stroll… what we’re calling a ParaSTROLL— and have participants carry parasols or umbrellas," in order to pique the curiosity of passersby and open conversations about skin cancer and sun protection.

Later this summer, Lily-Lark will debut its new line of LARK parasols, which was launched via a successful Kickstarter campaign. The experience made Selwitz realize that Lily-Lark has already made quite an impact in customer’s lives. "As customers chose which print to preorder, they started sharing their connection to the brand with me," Selwitz reflects. "I got to see an admiration, affection and love for the brand that I didn’t know existed. My customers’ fondness for Lily-Lark is a joy for me as well."

ABOUT LILY-LARK: Lily-Lark is a woman-owned company devoted to creating "the most beautiful skin protection under the sun." Their artisan-made bamboo parasols provide UPF 50+ protection, and their curated print selection makes for an accessory that turns heads.

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