Lumaflex is Ready to “Lumanate” DEKA FIT Events with Red Light Therapy in New Partnership with Spartan Brand

Try and Recover with the Lumaflex Body Pro unit for free at DEKA FIT Northeast in Philadelphia on August 26 

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lumaflex, a healthtech startup that has developed the world’s first FDA-cleared portable, flexible, waterproof red light therapy device, has announced a new partnership with DEKA FIT by Spartan, one of the most well-known event-driven brands in fitness. Lumaflex will have a presence at upcoming DEKA FIT events to showcase its new Lumaflex Body Pro unit, and help bring the benefits of red light therapy to the DEKA FIT fitness community.

Lumaflex will have a booth, be a part of the recovery section and have a sponsorship presence at: 

At each of these DEKA events, DEKA FIT athletes can experience Lumaflex and try the Lumaflex Body Pro unit in-person. Find the Lumaflex booth next to the recovery zone at each DEKA FIT event.

DEKA FIT by Spartan is the indoor “dekathlon” of fitness, with indoor fitness competitions and motivational training for people at all levels. Based on the Greek word, “deka,” meaning “10,” DEKA FIT offers 10 “DEKA Zones” based on 10 functional areas of movement, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, jumping, rowing, cycling and more. This community-based fitness movement is experiencing rapid growth. During 2023, DEKA FIT events have achieved a 64% increase in attendance.

DEKA FIT events bring together communities of like-minded fitness enthusiasts who want to “train with purpose,” get motivation and accountability, and achieve their wellness goals at all levels of activity and stages of life. DEKA also has a national network of affiliate gyms that meet DEKA standards and contribute teams to participate at local and regional DEKA FIT events.

“DEKA FIT events are a celebration of fitness, and we encourage people to train with purpose and make fitness part of their everyday lives,” said Ian Lawson, VP of Global Partnerships at DEKA.  “One of the most important aspects of improving people’s fitness is giving them the tools to maximize their muscle recovery. We are fortunate to have partnered with Lumaflex and their Body Pro which is an exciting new technology solution to help more athletes get access to convenient red light therapy, and offers significant benefits such as muscle recovery, boosting energy levels, enhancing their athletic performance and overall wellness.”

At each of these upcoming DEKA events, DEKA athletes can visit two locations: at the recovery area and the nearby Lumaflex booths to try the Lumaflex Body Pro unit for free. Lumaflex Body Pro is the world’s first FDA-cleared portable, flexible, waterproof red light therapy solution for personal, targeted red light therapy. The convenience and portability of Lumaflex Body Pro makes red light therapy accessible for everyday fitness enthusiasts at the gym, at home, or on the go.

“DEKA FIT events are some of the most inspiring, community-oriented fitness events, uniting people at all levels of fitness with the power of shared goals while improving personal performance,” said John Graham, CEO of Lumaflex. “Lumaflex is thrilled to partner with this industry-leading organization to bring red light therapy to a wider audience of fitness enthusiasts. As a longtime gym owner and competitive bodybuilder, I know firsthand how important it is to get some extra help with muscle recovery and pain relief after intense workouts. The Lumaflex Body Pro unit can help DEKA FIT athletes to ‘Lumanate’ their personal wellness and achieve faster recovery for better results.”  

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DEKA events are functional fitness competitions put on by Spartan. They are an indoor decathlon of functional fitness and training programs designed to be basic, simple, and utilitarian. And in true Spartan spirit, the focus of these events is to train with a purpose — to multiply member motivation, individual performance, and a sense of connection to the community.

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Lumaflex is the creator of the world’s first FDA-cleared portable, flexible, waterproof red light therapy device. Lumaflex delivers cutting-edge red light therapy technology to accelerate muscle recovery, relieve pain, and enhance athletic performance. Experience the power of Lumaflex to revitalize your body, improve well-being, and achieve peak performance. 

With Lumaflex, the life-changing benefits of red light therapy are becoming accessible to people worldwide, without the costs and inconvenience of traditional clinic-based treatment. Take control of your health and fitness with Lumaflex. Learn more at or follow Lumaflex on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

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