MONTSERRAT New York Debuts CASA MONTSERRAT New York Featuring Home Goods for The MONTSERRAT New York Lifestyle

Mi CASA es su CASA

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lifestyle brand MONTSERRAT New York caters to its on the go consumer, whose Jet Setting lifestyle only expands congruent with the brand’s products. Welcome to CASA MONTSERRAT New York, the home expansion of MONTSERRAT New York.

MONTSERRAT New York is a lifestyle and a mindset, so what better way to integrate this into our lives than to offer pieces for the home,” noted Carolina Cordon-Bouzan, Co-Founder and Designer of MONTSERRAT New York. “Our roots are split between New York and Spain’s Costa Brava so we wanted to make sure that these lifestyle pieces integrate seamlessly into your home or casa. Whether you start your day with espresso in our cups that boast our signature “Ciao!” or light a candle for your afternoon aperitivo, we transport you to our dream CASA MONTSERRAT New York via our home offerings.”

The expansion includes MONTSERRAT New York’s popular candle offerings which are named for cheeky moments to light the candles including “When You’re Sipping a Martini” and “When You’re In Downward Dog,” now available in color specific trios – The Taste of Luxury Candles – features The Martini CandleThe Aperitivo Candle, and The South of France Candle. ($150), and The Mood Setting Candle Trio features  The Momserrat Candle, The Wellness Candle, and The Make Out Candle, ($150).

With love for the brands’ native Manhattan energy, it will debut six framed prints emulating the energy of the island’s moments both during the day and at night – including photos taken by Cordon-Bouzan of popular neighborhoods like Dimes Square and late night tablescapes that transport you to the buzzy energy of the city and the true life of the MONTSERRAT New York founders. The six prints will retail for ($125) and are available in black, white, or walnut frames.

“This expansion felt organic for us and for our customer,” added Gayle Yelon, CMO and Co-Founder of MONTSERRAT New York, “As we saw our customers, both new and repeat, gravitating towards items like The Ciao Espresso Cups and The Candle Collection and in light of our brand truly being a lifestyle brand, we felt it was the right time to expand our home offering and launch it in its own vertical, CASA MONTSERRAT New York.”

CASA MONTSERRAT New York launches on December 1, 2022 with items starting at $65 and will be available exclusively online at and a selection is available to shop in person at Abbode in New York City.

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