Natralus Helps with Cosmetic Spring Cleaning

When the Warm Weather Arrives, Natralus Is a One-Stop-Shop for Restocking the Cosmetic Toolkit

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spring cleaning isn’t an activity reserved for the house. It’s also an important part of maintaining an effective, organized, and beneficial cosmetic toolkit. Natralus is making it easier than ever for women to refresh and restock their cosmetics as the weather changes.

Every year, when the weather warms up, it’s worth going through the beauty cabinet, makeup bags, and other areas where cosmetics are commonly kept. This helps to avoid using expired products — which lose their potency over time. It is also a great way to identify which items are getting low and which ones might need to be swapped out for a more efficacious alternative.

A beauty cabinet overhaul is also an effective way to stay clean and healthy. Cosmetic brushes should be cleaned regularly, sponges need to be replaced, and makeup bags deserve a thorough wiping out.

Australian indie beauty brand Natralus has established itself as the ideal partner to help with the cosmetic spring-cleaning process. "We’ve worked hard to create a beauty brand that helps everyone with all of their needs," explained Natralus owner John Rowe, "Every product we create is designed with a purpose in mind, with an end goal in mind. From body lotion to hand creams, lip butters to hydrating gels, if we have it, we made it to address a real-world problem. We made it to help make your life easier."

Rowe went on to point out that the purpose of this problem-focused approach to product development was to create a thorough catalog of products made from natural and organic fruit and plant-based superfood active ingredients. The comprehensive and ethical nature of Natralus’ offerings make the brand a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to refresh their cosmetic repertoire heading into the spring. In the words of Rowe, "Natralus makes it easy to stay simple as skin regimens change with the weather."

Natralus’ recent entry into the U.S. market means the broad nature of its cosmetic catalog is also officially available for American women as they prepare to give their cosmetics a once over this spring.

About Natralus Australia: Indie natural beauty brand Natralus Australia was established in 2010 and operates out of Adelaide, Australia. The company focuses on empowering women and parents to use a more natural approach for both themselves and their families throughout their skincare and wellness activities. Learn more about Natralus at

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