No. 1 Worldwide Hair Taming System: Learn About GK Hair

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lately, the keratin treatments from GK Hair have made their mark globally in the keratin smoothing category. Ranked as No. 1 worldwide in hair taming keratin treatments, GK Hair has a wide range of hair taming treatments beneficial for all hair types. What’s different about GK Hair Taming Treatments is that while other keratin treatments are infused with keratin, each GK Hair treatment contains Juvexin, an advanced keratin anti-aging protein blend that helps in hair rejuvenation.

One of the most revolutionary discoveries in the last 50 years, Juvexin is derived through an environmentally friendly process. When this non-hydrolyzed, intact keratin is infused into the taming treatments, the smaller molecules penetrate the hair cortex and regenerate the hair from within. While the larger molecules wrap themselves around the hair shaft, filling in hair cuticle gaps and building a protective shield against potential damage. The CEO and founder of GK Hair, Van Tibolli, walks us through his journey and explains how juvexin-infused keratin treatment paved its way into the industry:

"At that time (2007), I was new to the hair care industry and quickly realized the demand for this type of treatment that would remove frizz from the hair, make it healthier and remove the curls. Things took off very quickly as word of mouth spread rapidly throughout South Florida through the hair salons about this miracle transformative treatment. Professionals were desperate to get their hands on it. The growth in the first few years was explosive, and before I knew it, we had fully transitioned the manufacturing to the US and were quickly gaining attention of professional beauty distributors in countries like Lebanon and Venezuela, some of the first partners we exported the brand to, from the US."

Over time, as the evolution in the formulation took place, GK Hair grew to dominate in the smoothing category with the No. 1 hair taming treatments sold worldwide with the main purpose to provide solutions for everyday hair care needs. Today, the smoothing product category of GK Hair includes Resistant Taming Treatment, The Best Keratin Treatment, and Vegan Taming Treatments namely The Best Coco and The Best Acai. These treatments have been all the rage among salon owners and independent hair artists as they were launched, and have a reputation among professional hair stylists for their effective outcomes.

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