Oomph Body’s Natural Sleep Aids Beat Pharmaceutical Alternatives

The Health Brand’s Innovative Nutraceutical Medical Foods Offer Sweet, Safe Relief From Sleep Deprivation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Insomnia is a common struggle. As much as 33% of adults struggle with significant sleep deprivation, while one in 10 adults is considered to have chronic insomnia as a medical condition.

Many individuals resort to strong chemical prescriptions to address their stressed-out sleep. But Sleep Foundation reports nearly twenty different potential side effects that come from taking sleep medications, including nausea, dizziness, and even uncontrollable shaking. Mayo Clinic also lists 11 different kinds of chemically-based sleep meds that either help you fall asleep or stay asleep — nearly all of which can develop dependencies.

This struggle between insomnia and the side effects of sleep medications is what led the health and wellness brand Oomph Body to develop its Lights Out and Deep Sleep aminos products. Both dietary supplements use natural ingredients like GABA and Choline Bitartrate to help improve quality of sleep and parasympathetic nervous system function, respectively, leading to a better night’s sleep.

“We created Oomph Body because simply trying to ‘be healthy’ isn’t enough,” says company co-founder and CEO Scott Sharp. “We wanted to help people reach their fullest potential. That’s why our go-to saying is that we help you ‘Thrive at the Speed of Life.'” Sharp is a retired professional racecar driver that has spent his life pursuing health and wellness at top speeds.

The CEO goes on to add that while thriving often means maximizing energy and output, sometimes it has to do with optimizing recovery, too. “Our sleep aid range is designed to help you rest and recharge — like, really rest and recharge. They’re a medical food that ensures you aren’t wasting your downtime.

Clinically-proven medical food is slightly different from traditional vitamins. It is a distinct category of FDA-regulated products that helps with the specific and unique requirements of those managing a chronic disease. They use science and clinical research to focus on supporting and addressing underlying metabolic changes.

“When we went to market our Deep Sleep and Lights Out aminos products,” explains Sharp’s co-founder and Oomph Body president, Dan Austin, “we wanted to test them to see how they held up against the stronger chemical alternatives — you know, the stuff like Zolpidem, which is used in Ambien. We wanted to see how our natural food-based formulations measured up against the kind of insomnia drugs that people don’t want to become overly reliant on. Our medical foods went head-to-head against Ambien and won.”

As is the case with all of Oomph Body’s supplements, Deep Sleep and Lights Out offer the brand’s customers a clean, natural alternative to harmful pharmaceutical-grade products. They offer a drug-free, non-addictive way to safely address the struggle to sleep. And yet, they don’t require a compromise with potency. A rarity in the nutraceutical world, Oomph Body’s sleep-focused medical foods provide consumers with a way to safely get a great night’s sleep with no side effects.

“If you want to thrive,” says Sharp, “You need your rest. Our products deliver on that need without risking other areas of your health in the process.”

About Oomph Body

Oomph Body is a nutraceutical developer and manufacturer that is owned by professional race car driver Scott Sharp and tech and wellness industries alumni Dan Austin. Together, the dynamic duo is blazing a new trail for nutraceuticals by developing groundbreaking formulas that combine innovative, synergistic ingredient blends to create effective results in those looking to care for their minds and bodies. All Oomph Body products are formulated and manufactured in the U.S. Learn more at oomphbody.com.

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