Partnering with the World Wildlife Foundation, LUXIE Founder Tammy Huynh Continues to Carry Out a Mission of Changing the Beauty Industry for the Better

CAMPBELL, Calif., Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a beauty industry often plagued by a dark side of animal cruelty and astronomical waste, LUXIE Founder Tammy Huynh is forging a new path on which makeup lovers need not sacrifice ethics for aesthetics. Recently renewing their partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation to help support environmental preservation, the forward-thinking serial entrepreneur has worked with intention since 2014 to build a stand-out beauty brand that is influential for all the right reasons. Established on foundational values of “doing no harm to the Earth or its creatures” and crafting innovative products customers can trust for superior results, LUXIE offers a complete collection of fan-favorite, professional-grade beauty tools. What began as a quest to engineer the world’s first 100% vegan, high-performing makeup brush has since become a company that models a new standard of sustainability, responsibility, and quality.

LUXIE’s astonishing success is the result of steadfastly seeking a new and different approach to beauty,” explains Huynh. “The ethos of our brand comes from showing what we, as women, can accomplish on the road to defining success by our own terms, achieving it by our own rules, and building an environmental legacy we’re proud to share with the world.”

“Our goal at LUXIE has always been to resist the pursuit of profits over principles,” explains company CEO Conor Riley. “Tammy’s vision originated with a desire to deliver professional results while remaining deeply committed to high ethical standards. We believe beauty companies bear a responsibility to give something back to the world, and our partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation is just one way we’re living out that mission.”

Born in rural Vietnam and relocating to California with her family at ten years of age, Huynh learned early on to adapt to her surroundings without compromising her individuality. During high school, makeup and beauty became an important means of self-expression. Still, the cruelty of animal testing and the skin irritation caused by many popular products strengthened her resolve that there must be a better way. Having watched her father navigate the world of business, Huynh decided to seek her own answers as an entrepreneur, opening a beauty retail store in Los Angeles. She found success in promoting other companies’ products, yet none met her dual ideals of environmental stewardship and high-grade quality.

After selling her retail business, Huynh set out to develop her own solution. She traveled the globe to gather all the right elements for her design of an entirely different makeup brush – a luxury vegan, hypoallergenic version featuring ultra-soft, synthetic bristles that could outperform the top-tier animal hair varieties. Today her dream is reality. LUXIE has successfully expanded on its signature brush to create a world-class collection of handmade, high-performing brushes, plus sponges, accessories, and more. Constantly innovating, the company remains committed to its original cruelty-free approach, partnering with the World Wildlife Foundation to help protect the planet while seeking to creatively utilize renewable resources like bamboo, coffee, and cornstarch.

Discover LUXIE’s complete collection of professional-grade, allergen-free beauty tools at and at top US retailers like Anthropologie, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Revolve. Learn more about the company’s steadfast commitment to environmental preservation and community outreach on the website, including a partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation. Follow LUXIE on Instagram @LuxieBeauty for the latest beauty tutorials and product releases, plus top lifestyle and beauty inspo.  

Krista Bartzi


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