Personal Cooling Technology Leader INUTEQ and Functional Fitness Innovator Hyperwear Join Forces Launching Cool2Shape Brown Fat Cooling Products in North America

Exposure to Mild Cold by Wearing Patented Cooling Vest Boosts Metabolism, Burns Fat, and can be Beneficial for Treatment of Metabolic Disease  

DEVENTER, The Netherlands and AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — INUTEQ International B.V., the world’s leading company in developing and manufacturing innovative personal cooling technologies and products, and Hyper Wear Inc., functional fitness leader and maker of weighted vests, combine to bring consumers and researchers Cool2Shape the first patented cooling products to stimulate brown adipose tissue (“brown fat”) using non-shivering thermogenesis.

Research shows that exposure to mild cold (around 15°C – 59°F) activates brown fat in humans. Brown fat, long thought to be absent or dormant in adult humans, uses significant glucose to generate caloric heat to maintain body temperature. Scientists are studying brown fat activation as a treatment for weight loss, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

With over 20 years of experience in personal cooling and combined experience in Cryotherapy and Cryolipolysis, INUTEQ developed Cool2Shape products to apply mild-cold to the body, in the most optimal and comfortable way. Powered by INUTEQ-PAC® cooling technology and Hyperwear patents for activation of brown fat by cooling, Cool2Shape 4-way stretch neoprene holds cooling packs against your body. Neoprene forms an insulating layer and stretches to provide comfort and safe effective body cooling. INUTEQ-PAC® 100% bio-based cooling packs provide targeted cooling and are available in several different cooling temperatures. Cool2Shape is a range of cooling products to apply mild cold exposure on chest, back, waist, legs and arms to maximize brown fat activation. Lightweight cooling packs target a comfortable 15 degrees lasting 2 – 2.5 hours, and recharge quickly in a freezer.

“Wearing Cool2Shape to stimulate brown fat gives consumers new hope to achieve lasting good health and researchers a natural and proven method for activating brown adipose tissue without the cost and risks of drugs.” said Eric Pellis, INUTEQ Managing Director. “Studies have shown that a couple of hours of cold exposure a day for a few weeks will light-up brown fat.”

Said Hyperwear CEO Dirk Buikema: “We have followed exciting developments in brown fat research for years and hold US patents. Cool2Shape products are an affordable, practical way to boost a natural process for fighting obesity and metabolic disease. We are thrilled to bring INUTEQ technology to North America. Cool2Shape adds to our wellness wearable line alongside our leading weight vests used to build bone density for osteoporosis.”


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