pH-D® Feminine Health Launches “Know Yourself Well” Digital Campaign

Holistic Feminine Health Brand Collaborates with Award-Winning Producer and Writer Rebekah Iliff to Encourage Open Discussions Around Feminine Care

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  pH-D Feminine Health announced today the launch of their new “Know Yourself Well” digital campaign to encourage women nationwide to share their personal stories and open discussions around feminine care. Conceptualized and produced by award-winning producer and writer Rebekah Iliff, the campaign is comprised of four videos featuring real women at various stages of life discussing their feminine health routines along with their challenges, hopes, and dreams.

“My main goal when producing this campaign was to capture real, relatable women having conversations about their feminine health in an open and natural setting, while keeping the discussion meaningful,” says campaign producer Rebekah Iliff. “pH-D Feminine Health has helped so many women become more confident with themselves, and it’s inspiring to see the potential on how these conversations can help women feel more confident in discussing their bodies.”

Filmed at Free Dreaming Farm in Springfield, Tennessee, the videos are comprised of four women who range from single to working moms, women who are finding their way to women going through menopause, to capture the many types of women who share one common experience on how to navigate daily challenges while caring for their feminine well-being.

Throughout the campaign, the videos will be hosted on the pH-D Feminine Health website with a dedicated page which also serves as a platform for real women to upload their personal stories and share their own narratives around the complexities of womanhood and feminine care.  Starting this month, pH-D Feminine Health will feature one story in a “Woman of the Month” series on the brand’s social media channels and e-newsletter to help share real women’s personal stories.

“We are so excited to be launching this transformative campaign where women can discover the magic of self-love and embrace the importance of feminine well-being,” says Deeannah Seymour, Co-Founder and CEO of pH-D Feminine Health. “As a woman-owned company, we are proud to be a part of helping real women feel confident and comfortable in themselves, and we hope the “Know Yourself Well” campaign continues to empower women to talk openly about their feminine health with others.”

Through the “Know Yourself Well” campaign, pH-D Feminine Health is supporting this meaningful movement to celebrate the journey of being a woman while empowering them to share common experiences when it comes to their feminine health.

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pH-D Feminine Health is the #1 Best-Selling and #1 Doctor Recommended boric acid suppository in the USA. Founded in 2014 by Deeannah Seymour who suffered for years with no relief, pH-D Feminine Health was created to reinvent holistic feminine hygiene and wellness solutions to help millions of women feel confident and comfortable. As an independently held, certified woman-owned and women-run business, pH-D Feminine Health continues to remove the stigma associated with vaginal health and dramatically improve the lives of women. pH-D Feminine Health products are manufactured in the USA.

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