Plastic Surgeon Elevates the House Call and Launches Mobile Medical Aesthetics Service to Make Non-Invasive Beauty Procedures More Convenient for New Yorkers

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Esteemed Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shirley Madhère makes luxury beauty services more convenient than ever before with the launch of Jet Set Beauty Rx ( This trailblazing beauty concept introduces a mobile way to get safe and professional non-invasive medical aesthetics to your door in the age of pandemic unrest. Dr. Madhère rides her medical-grade, Mercedes Passenger Van to your home to perform services such as injectable fillers and multivitamin facial treatments. For VIP clients looking for personalized care and convenience, this changes the game. Unlike predecessors, there’s no need to set up a procedure room in your home or run to a public practice. The convenient mobile space is hyper-disinfected and private to ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience for private medical aesthetic services every time. 

As the world moves towards a more remote and mobile direction, the beauty industry has followed suit. The demand for medical aesthetic procedures boomed during the height of the pandemic, with Americans spending more than $9 million dollars in 2020 (according to The Aesthetic Society). 

Dr. Shirley Madhère has long been privy to this change, stating "It’s a changing world and we’ve got to change with it and evolve. My patients’ safety, health, comfort, and beautiful results have always been and will remain priorities. Feeling and looking the best and highest version of yourself is also paramount. My aim is to help people to feel empowered and resilient through the art of beauty."

Accessibility doesn’t end at the truck.  Services may be reserved seamlessly for approval online. Offerings include Botox® and other neuromodulator injections, Vitaglow™ facial multivitamin treatments, hair growth support, injectable fillers (as Restylane and Juvederm, etc.) consultations, procedure follow-ups, Covid testing, and more. 

With a dedicated focus on aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Madhère’s practice is aimed at balancing and integrating wellness and skin health for optimal results. Beauty is integral to Dr. Madhère’s philosophy. It serves as the foundation upon which her work is accomplished.  She brings a unique and diversified perspective as well as creativity, credibility, and specialized experience to the medical aesthetic industry and plastic surgery field. Jet Set Beauty Rx is part of an overarching brand portfolio that includes an online consultation portal,, the Holistic Plastic Surgery practice, and a top-rated and award-winning beauty and wellness podcast, Forever F.A.B.

Jet Set Beauty Rx provides an opportunity to stay home and still look and feel refreshed, beautiful and fabulous!  Jet Set Beauty Rx offers aesthetic medical services such as injectable fillers and multi-vitamin facial treatments in a state-of-the-art mobile medical unit.  Performed exclusively by Dr. Madhère in a safe and hyper-disinfected professional medical space, services may be reserved online seamlessly. 

Dr. Shirley Madhère is a trained and accredited plastic surgeon who is the Founder and Creator of the Holistic Plastic Surgery philosophy.

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Dr. Shirley Madhere

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