Privy Pouch: A Portable Urinal for People On-the-Go

HOUSTON, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When people are on-the-go and cannot find a public restroom when they need it, the Privy Pouch provides an easy solution. This small, portable urinal traps odor and won’t leak. The Privy Pouch is an online shop based out of Houston product that has attachments that work for men or women. Ideal for life’s little emergencies, the Privy Pouch is a discreet and convenient travel toilet.

Not everyone has the same anatomy, which is why the Privy Pouch comes with attachments that work for men or women. Along with apparatuses designed to help all genders properly aim, the Privy Pouch also comes with wet wipes and pads for anyone who needs them.

The reason a product like this has been largely absent from the marketplace is that portable toilets have, in the past, been known to leak. The Privy Pouch has anti-backflow valves that prevent this, so consumers can use it with confidence. Users can rest assured that they are not going to make a mess with the Privy Pouch.

The other major concern with portable travel toilets is the odor they carry with them. The Privy Pouch is designed to trap odors so users transport it without worry. With this portable urinal, consumers will not have to worry about offending anyone with the smell.

Along with anti-leak and odor-free technology, this portable travel toilet comes with a carrying case that is both discrete and stylish. The black and turquoise color scheme makes it look like a makeup bag or small clutch, so no one will be the wiser when users pull it out in a pinch. The carrying case is also small enough to fit in a book bag or shoulder bag or leave in a car’s glove box or trunk.

This small, portable urinal is the perfect response for when nature calls and people cannot find a restroom nearby. With the inclusion of necessary attachments for all genders, wet wipes, and pads, the Privy Pouch has these consumers covered in any situation. The Privy Pouch can be purchased for $19.99 or customers can buy the Privy Pouch Bundle for $24.99, which comes with 4 replacement bags. The pouch can be brought with consumers wherever they go without anyone being the wiser. The Privy Pouch is an easy and clean solution for when inconvenient circumstances arise.

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The Privy Pouch is an online shop based out of Houston that specializes in portable urinals for those who are always on the go. The product is the perfect solution for when people cannot find a public restroom or the available ones are not up to par. The carrying case is discrete and stylish, so users can take the Privy Pouch with them anywhere without anyone knowing. The product is available for purchase on the Privy Pouch website. Customers can visit the site today to buy their own portable urinal and be prepared for when nature calls.

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