Roses Natural’s Cleaners Are Great for Those With Kids

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roses Natural is a growing brand located out of Katy, Texas. The entire enterprise is run by owner Roseline Okoro along with help from a small staff, including managing partner and Business Development Director, Kola Akinmuyiwa.

Roses Natural offers a refreshing take on household health and wellness products. The inspiration for the brand came from Roseline’s past experience as a child that struggled with dry skin. Rather than lean on heavy-handed steroids or harmful creams, the owner’s father made natural, soothing cleaning products from scratch.

Roseline carried this experience with her until it found new expression in her brand, Roses Natural. The company specializes in making household cleaners and hygienic products from scratch. Roseline herself still makes each batch by hand in her warehouse.

Roses Natural products also stand out because, as was the case with her family’s homemade products in the past, Roseline’s recipes are kid-friendly. This starts with the gentle, soothing nature of each recipe. From body butter to shampoo, detergent to dish soap, Roses Natural products are carefully made with thoughtful ingredients.

This ensures that every product is hypoallergenic and wonderful for dry or sensitive skin. "They are non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and tough on stains but gentle on skin," the company website states.

They’re even great for managing eczema. "Roses Natural was created based on my skin condition (eczema)," explains Roseline. "The idea was to create plant-based products that will not irritate my skin but also be safe for the environment."

The benefits don’t stop with the brand’s hypoallergenic overtones, either. The company’s site also explains that "Roses Natural household cleaning essentials are made with plant-based ingredients and real essential oils."

This makes Roses Natural’s cleaners and hygiene items genuinely safe options to use around kids. All of their ingredients are plant-based, non-toxic, and all-natural. They also come in a fragrance-free option or are scented with gentle essential oils.

From their ability to work with sensitive skin to their hypoallergenic nature to their safe ingredients, Roses Natural products are a great way to keep the home tidy and the family clean without fear of harming your loved ones in the process.

About Roses Natural: Roses Natural was created by Roseline Okoro and launched in 2018. The company operates out of Katy, Texas. The brand combines Roseline’s passion for natural ingredients, developed during her childhood in Nigeria, and her scientific knowledge and training. Learn more about Roses Natural at

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