Take Your Salon Clientele Up a Notch – Learn With GK Hair

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — How often do you have old clients stop by for a service? Or recurring clients who think of your salon as the only resort to get their hair done? If the numbers are not that big, you might want to reconsider your tactics for client hunting and retention. Acquiring new clients and retaining existing ones is a skill, and GK Hair knows just the right techniques to ace that skill. Read on to find these tried-and-tested techniques and take your salon clientele up a notch.

Register On The Salon Locator

How would you grab a new client’s attention if your salon is not visible, not easily accessible, or is located at a no-crowd place? In that case, let your clients come to you! Registering your salon on a locator allows new customers to find the salon and book an appointment with just a few taps. This way, the client can easily locate the salon, pick out the service they need from the comfort of their house, and actually show up on the day of appointment. GK Hair has recently launched the Salon Locator, which allows you to improve the visibility of your salon and drive the clientele to your business. Around 300 customers drop us a query each month for a salon recommendation. With your salon registered on the locator, the potential client can easily reach out to you for their required services and book a consultation online. Check out the Salon Locator on https://www.gkhair.com/pages/salon-locator.

Target The Digital Audience

According to recent data, around 4 billion people use social media worldwide. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, you’re missing out on a huge number of potential clients. Therefore, an impactful online business identity can help you target a digital audience and drive potential customers to your business. To help you through the process, GK Hair has announced the Salon Support Program, through which you can get multiple features on GK Hair official page, participation in salon contests, and much more. Sign up for the Salon Support Program today and keep new clients coming in.

Retain Existing Clients With An Add-On Service

A client is more likely to come back to your salon if their first experience exceeds their expectations. Hence, don’t forget to add complimentary services to make them feel special. GK Hair Add-On Services are a great way to retain a client + generate some extra revenue. Offering a free add-on service instead of a discount will allow your customers to notice the results of Juvexin, and on their next appointment, you can successfully sell the product to your customer on profit.

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