Tap Water and Hair and Skin

LIVERMORE, Calif., May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Puronics spoke with a licensed aesthetician/cosmetologist, who talked about what tap water can do to hair and skin. The water coming out of the tap is not just plain old H2O. Since water is the universal solvent, there are a lot of other things that can end up in it. Even if one has city water, it can wreak havoc. Two common contaminants are hardness minerals and chlorine.

Effects of Hard Water and Chlorine on Hair

Hard water and chlorine strip hair and scalp of their natural oils. They also cause breakage, which is one of the reasons people need conditioner. Hardness minerals build up in the scalp and can cause dandruff and hasten hair loss.

With hard water, soap does not rinse away easily, so a layer of soap scum can build up on hair, making it look dull and lifeless. For those who color their hair, hard water and chlorine cause additional problems. They strip the color, so it does not last as long as it should. For blondes or people who lighten their hair, chlorine causes a yellow or green tint.

Effects of Hard Water and Chlorine on Skin

Hard water and chlorine also strip skin of its natural oils, which can cause or aggravate dryness. Chlorine can even make skin crack, causing it to have a scaly texture and appearance.

For those with eczema or psoriasis, these contaminants can cause flareups or make flareups worse. For people with acne, especially cystic acne, chlorine inflames the skin and makes it worse.

Just like with hair, a layer of soap scum is left behind on skin when bathing with hard water. Applying lotion is one way to help with the dryness caused by the lack of natural oils, but it only really helps for a couple of hours. This is because the lotion cannot reach the deeper layers of skin because of the soap scum left behind by hard water.

Solutions to Tap Water Contaminants

The best solution is to install a whole-house water softener filter combo system which will also protect pipes, appliances and clothes. These systems contain a special resin to reduce hardness minerals and filtration media to reduce chlorine.

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