Top New York Plastic Surgeon Explains Why Getting Plastic Surgery Shouldn’t Cost Your Savings or Your Life

GOALS USA #1 Plastic Surgeons Set The Record Straight

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lately, headlines have raged essentially implying that keeping up with certain TV stars whose exaggerated body shapes are coveted by their millions of followers can kill you. As leaders in the arena of accessible plastic surgery, the board-certified team at GOALS Plastic Surgery ( feels it’s time to set the record straight, to address the trend and the protocols that assure safe procedures while seeking a renewed commitment to openness and honesty in patient-physician relationships.


Since its inception, GOALS Aesthetics Surgery has been supremely focused on providing the safest body contouring procedures possible, adhering to strict pre- and post-operative procedures. Dr. Sergey Voskin, CEO, GOALS Aesthetics Surgery emphasizes that at all times, patient safety is a top priority in the practice, "however, although we can ensure that procedures are performed by our double if not triple board-certified plastic surgeons, we must depend on the patient to be forthcoming about the medications they may be taking pre-surgery or post-surgery, especially should they feel the need to self-medicate." Dr. Voskin believes it critical for patients to understand there is no stigma in having a candid dialog with the designated team of surgeons before a procedure, "having this discussion, revealing all – from personal concerns to self-medication plans or simply even the most basic of medical considerations – can save a life. "

Certainly, many patients come to GOALS seeking procedures to emulate the look of their favorite TV personalities and we help them achieve this goal with safe, effective surgical enhancement procedures. However, the success of these procedures and the sustained health and well-being of the patient is not exclusively dependent on the skill of the surgeon. As Dr. Voskin states, "the patient has a responsibility as well to be truthful in answers to all questions when undergoing elective surgery. "


Is self-consciousness a reason for a patient not revealing such vital information as their perceived need for additional medications? Or is the drive to perfect their body so strong that patients feel taking post-operative medication into their own hands is OK? Is it shame or vanity or even naivete that may cause a patient to hold back in such matters? We may never fully grasp the reasons why. However, as agents of change, Dr. Voskin states that GOALS feels it is incumbent upon the practice to educate patients about the hazards of hiding the full truth.

Recently accusations were made, and falsehoods were shared in the media attempting to place blame on GOALS for tragic circumstances. However, GOALS was 100% cleared by the Department of Health, there was no fault found with the surgical practice. But what is apparent here is that it is time to move forward with an education initiative to prevent such occurrences in the future. GOALS seeks to find a path forward demonstrating that the value of aesthetic surgery is indeed tremendous when all are committed to genuine, open communication.


GOALS Plastic Surgery is the nation’s leading brand in aesthetics. Offering surgical and nonsurgical procedures, GOALS was founded in Brooklyn by Dr. Sergey Voskin. With 11 locations nationwide, GOALS is top-ranked in NYC, Miami, Philadelphia, and Atlanta earning a social media following that is more than 1 million strong, GOALS looks to the future to continue providing patients with the safe, effective enhancement that has earned them their stellar reputation. GOALS offers more than 200 board-certified procedures that have changed tens of thousands of lives.

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