Trupure Organics Is First 50-Plus Brand Devoted to That Market’s Distinct Needs

CLEVELAND, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Paulette Kaplan noticed something different as she entered into her 50s. Her skin was now dryer, and looked older than just a couple years earlier. Looking at her cabinet full of products that were supposed to work, she thought, “Nothing really works well.” 

As a skincare advocate, she began to consider creating her own line exclusively for the needs of the 50-plus.

In an industry obsessed with youth, Paulette found there to be a tremendous lack of skincare products made for this market.

According to an AARP national survey, “Women over age 50 make a big investment of time and money on beauty and personal grooming products, spending a whopping $22 billion annually, yet they still think that the beauty industry ignores them as they age.”

Paulette was determined and began her search and discovered that some ingredients could be damaging to how skin looks and cause inflammation that works against the skin’s ability to heal.

She did not want to make more ‘anti-aging’ potions. Or use unhealthy ingredients but to offer a clean and nourishing age perfect skincare line that would strengthen mature skin.

Trupure Organics was born with the help of scientists, chemists, and multiple formulas. A 100% natural plant-based line using stem cells, bio-retinol, extracts, peptides, oils and juices. Their TruPurity promise excludes ingredients like chemicals, fragrances, dyes, parabens, GMOs, and phthalates.

What are the key goals? Provide continuous moisture, soothe, firm, protect, lift, strengthen, plump, smooth, and nourish with specific delivery systems.

Paulette explains her 50-plus line, “The focus isn’t to put yourself under a magnifying glass, but actually celebrate your age by focusing on healthier radiant skin. Because when skin is healthy, it naturally looks beautiful.”

Retinol is a common ingredient in skincare products because of how well it can promote collagen production. Trupure Organics No More Crepe Neck and Décolletage Cream ($65) uses a different approach through a plant-based bio-retinol. It won’t cause peeling, irritation, itching, or make skin considerably more sensitive to sunlight like standard retinol.

This same kind of approach is used in formulating all their plant-based products for mature skin. Visit to view the full collection of serums and creams.


Women 50 and Older Feel Overlooked by the Beauty Industry


Paulette Kaplan
Founder and CEO, Trupure Organics

SOURCE Trupure Organics