Try Osia Osia by ZEZE’s Soaps Once and You’ll Ask For It Again

The Wellness Brand’s Sudsy Cleansers Do More Than Clean — They Calm

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. , June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The term "luxury soap" can invoke images of elite cleansers designed to create immaculate, well-hydrated skin — and this is certainly one goal that Osia Osia by ZEZE focuses on when it creates its soap recipes. But for the international wellness brand, the purpose of soap (and the bathing experience it enables) has the potential to be much bigger than a mere cleaning.

"Yes, the skin does not get dry with our soaps, but our customers should have higher standards than simply staying hydrated and clean," says company co-founder Saurabh Bhatia, "For most people living in our exhausting, anxiety-filled world, a bath is an opportunity to destress, too. That’s why we’re here."

Bhatia and his partner are well aware of the stresses that come with living life in the 21st century. The information age means humans aren’t just facing an enormous number of concerns. They’re also minutely aware of them. "When we know every detail of every problem, the total sum of data can become overwhelming," Bhatia explains, "No matter how much you try to cut yourself off and stay calm, you’re going to feel stressed out sooner or later."

In response to the stress, Bhatia and his team have developed Osia Osia by ZEZE’s two soap lines. The first is a selection of soaps that use purely organic ingredients. The second is a range of herbal soaps, which utilize ancient Ayurvedic ingredients to help individuals rest and relax. Both lines of soap are handmade, gently foam, and offer excellent hydration.

"We have had incredible feedback from customers so far," says the co-owner, "we’ve heard of fragrances lasting until individuals take a bath the next day. Others say they even keep the soaps open in their living room to fill the space with their refreshing fragrances even when they aren’t in the bath."

These positive reviews have led to a steady stream of repeat customers for Bhatia and his team. It’s also allowed the co-owner to state with confidence that all someone needs to do is try his destressing soaps and he’s sure they’ll ask for it again — as so many others already have. They offer an accessible and welcome reprieve for those who face anxiety and stress on a regular basis.

About Osia Osia by ZEZE: Osia Osia by ZEZE was established to help consumers access affordable, home-based relaxation and stress relief through premium herbal and organic luxury soaps. The brand’s U.S.-based parent company, ZEZE, was founded in December of 2021. It operates in concert with its sister organization, Osia Osia, which has sold similar products in Europe and Asia for many years. Learn more at

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