What Do Millions of Americans Have in Common That Crosses Race, Gender and Age? Scars, Scars and More Scars

Cosmetic tattoo artist Jeanine Faith now offers Scar Camouflage solution to clients looking to minimize appearance of scarring.

BEND, Ore., Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One hundred million people in the developed world experience new scars every year. There are more than 50 million people every year in the U.S. alone [1] that develop scars from accidents, surgery, childbirth, acne or illness (for ex: chicken pox). While some people wear their scars as a badge of courage, many find their scars embarrassing, emotionally scarring and constant reminders of traumatic events. Facial scars in particular can lower self-esteem.

According to Penn Research (March 2022) Penn School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania, patients who undergo facial surgery think their scars look worse than surgeons or strangers perceive them and have more negative feelings about their appearance. People with abnormal scarring can face physical, aesthetic, psychological and social consequences that can be associated with significant emotional and financial costs.

Jeanine Faith, a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist since 2006 in Bend, Oregon and licensed Scar Camo artist has expanded her work to include SCAR CAMOUFLAGE, a cosmetic solution that minimizes the appearance of scarring. “Having dealt with facial scarring myself, I am well aware of the negative impact scars can have on a person’s well-being. It can be nearly impossible to fully recover from a traumatic experience when your scars constantly remind you of the past. Scar camouflage does more in one session than creams can do in years. The changes are dramatic and life changing,” said Jeanine. 

Gina Lawrence, a Bend client, agrees. “I was violently attacked by two dogs several years ago that attempted to rip my hip open. I have two scars that required nine stitches each that I had to look at every day. The scars were a constant reminder of the trauma I experienced and were visible above my panty line. Jeanine was caring and confident, which put me at ease immediately. Scar camouflage was the perfect solution for me and no, it did not hurt. I no longer have to be reminded of my personal trauma whenever I get dressed or want to wear a bathing suit.”

What is scar camouflage? Scar camouflage is a needle and pigment technique that blends scars into the surrounding natural skin using permanent make-up pigments. It is performed by a licensed technician and has become increasingly popular for its ability to improve the appearance of scars from surgery or injury, stretch marks, burns, self-harm and skin conditions. Two-year-old, flat, white scars present the best results. More than one visit is common for the best outcomes and some scars may require some prep including laser and micro-needling to help flatten the scar and improve texture. Keloid scars and thinned, translucent skin can be problematic. Scar camouflage is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For more information about Scar Camouflage contact Jeanine Faith at 707-496-5593. Her studio is at Redemption Tattoo, 3316 N. Highway 97 in Bend, OR. Consultations are free and recommended. Prices vary depending on type of scar, beginning at $200 per hour. www.scarcamouflageofbend.com


[1] Dr. Michael Longaker, Stanford Medicine Health Care, Stanford Medical News (4/22/21) by Christopher Vaughn.

SOURCE Jeanine Faith