Woman Uses Just One Skincare Product All Her Life. At 60, She Has a Skin of a Teenager…

SAN DIEGO, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ”If people found out how simple great skincare is, most beauty companies would go broke overnight,” said Ishay Shen, founder of the Baiden Skincare company. 

Most of her adult life, Shen has been mistaken for somebody years, if not decades younger due to her flawless skin. 

But if you think she has some skincare secret, you would be wrong. She does not want to keep her product a mystery, in fact she has been talking about it for decades. And her talking has resonated with tens of thousands of people already…

She grew up in a place where skin conditions such as dry skin, acne, psoriasis, ingrown hair, Keratosis Pilaris and sensitive skin were virtually unknown. People just had great skin…

Their method to achieve this was regular, very deep exfoliation with a specially manufactured glove made from a natural birchwood fiber woven in a very specific pattern. The glove gathers and rolls the dead skin off the body, unblocking pores, allowing skin to detox and intake more oxygen. 

When Shen migrated to US over 20 years ago, she just assumed that this was the basic hygiene people practiced all over the world. What she found instead, came as a shock. 

She not only discovered that most people walked around with layers of dry, thick skin on their bodies, but she also was amazed by the plethora of skin conditions she did not even know existed. 

“I just could not understand why so many people would continue spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars over and over again on expensive products without getting the results they were after…” Shen stated, adding “In the meantime, my skincare routine was once a week scrub with my glove followed by application of good quality or coconut oil every night to keep my skin hydrated.” 

The results speak for themselves…

Based in California, Baiden Skincare Company has recently celebrated its 15th anniversary: “It has been a very satisfying venture,” says Shen. “We have received thousands of testimonials from customers telling us that not only did their Baiden Mitten change the quality of their skin, but also gave them more confidence and we expect to do so for many more years to come.”

Contact: Ishay Shen, Baiden Skincare founder
Phone: 800-556-9863
Website: BaidenMitten.com 

SOURCE Baiden Skincare Company