Yes! Blonde Hair Needs Extra Care…With GK Hair Miami Bombshell Range

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Petition to change one of Instagram’s most popular hashtags #BlondeHairDontCare to #BlondeHairNeedsCare. A blonde mane, as gorgeous as it looks, demands a higher amount of care and maintenance than any other hair type. As if the process of pre-lighting, bleaching, coloring, and toning isn’t enough; as soon as the toner starts to wear off, unwanted orange, brassy tones start to settle in and you have to find a way to counter those as well. So, if you’re not a fan of a regular upkeep, blonde hair isn’t really your thing, until now.

Enter GK Hair Miami Bombshell Range, a product line specifically formulated to care for blonde hair needs. A huge range containing everything from shampoo to keratin taming treatments, these revolutionary products help prevent hair damage caused by bleaching and coloring, and keep the hair aptly nourished. A pigmented base instantly neutralizes brassy undertones and keeps the hair bright and blonde. Let’s have a quick look at their blonde hair care arsenal: 

Miami Bombshell Treatment 
Tame your damaged, frizzy hair instantly with Miami Bombshell Treatment, a Juvexin-infused formula to repair, nourish, and smoothen unruly hair for up to 5 months.

Silver Bombshell Shampoo 
Kick brassiness to the curb with Silver Bombshell Shampoo, a multi-tasking cleansing aid that washes away dirt and buildup as well as tones the hair.

Leave-In Bombshell Cream 
Stay well away from frizz, hair tangles and brassiness with Leave-In Bombshell Cream. Just apply into hair post-shower and enjoy a 24/7 nourishment boost.

Color Bombshell Masques 
Ultra Blonde Bombshell is our most intense toning and deep conditioning mask that works in just 3-11 minutes removing unwanted brassy tones, lasting for 8-10 washes.

Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder 
Get up to 8+ levels of lift with Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder, a keratin-infused formula for a super-vibrant color lift.

Hot Bombshell Masque
This deep conditioning formula repairs your color-treated hair from within and adds long-lasting nourishment and vibrance to it by toning.

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